Monday, May 17, 2010

Our weekend in a nutshell...or a novel!

First of all, thank you all for your suggestions on my last post!  Heather recommended Restoration Hardware (which I have heard of before but never even thought of!) and there was some really cute stuff there!  Unfortunately the style I liked was on sale so all of the king duvets were sold out!  Bummer!  I think the current verdict is to get the Pottery Barn set.

Our weekend was quite full so I'll try to give a brief overview...

Friday night Jonathan and I walked our legs off until I had literally hit a wall and was "over it" looking for bedding and curtains and running errands.  We stopped at Home Depot on our way home and found drawer pulls for the kitchen.  The ones at Lowe's all had designs and I wanted plain knobs for the kitchen, so I was pumped when we found them at HD and found a package of 25 for $30 (instead of paying $3 per knob!) Whoohoo!  While we were at HD, J wanted to show me the deck table set that he had found.  I had wanted a tile top table and he wanted a glass top table, but he found a tile table he liked.  It's a Martha Stewart and was on sale.  We had a 10% off coupon for Lowe's and asked HD to match it and guess what!  They matched it!  All we had to do was ask!  So, even though we came home without bedding and curtains, we came home with a table and chairs:) HA!  Told you!  Decorating ADD!

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30 (seriously!!).  I'm having issues sleeping in lately which is totally not me!  When i got out of bed, I came downstairs to Jonathan already working in the kitchen!  He had switched out the door pulls!!  Then he put the patio set together by 9:30!  He's a hard worker!
Here's the before/after shots of the kitchen.  It's a subtle change, but the subtle changes are the ones that make the big difference!

Then we went to Janine and Josh's couple's baby shower!  We had a great time.  Since J and J moved away, we have barely seen them so it was great hanging out and having a good time.  You can click over to Janine's blog to see tons of pictures of the dessert spread and adorable decorations!  Lindsy went all out hosting!  Here's a fun picture of Janine and I rubbing each other's bellies:)  It's fun to be prego with her after we both struggled with infertility.  It just seems like we understand each other in a different way!

Sunday after church we went to Eli's baby dedication at church.  Our church only does baby dedication services once a year so there were TONS of babies.  They had two different services and the service Eli was dedicated in had at least 90 babies dedicated!  Wow!  He looked so precious and never cried!:)  Then in the evening Billie and Derek, Jonathan and I all went to Tim and Lindsy's house to help them eat all of the leftover shower desserts.  YUM!  Jonathan got a little cuddle time in with Miss Kennedy:)  She loves her Uncle Jonathan:)  It's precious!

Tonight I got a wild hare to make a casserole!  I never fix food like that, but Kelly was talking about poppy seed chicken last week, so I just HAD to make it.  I wish your computer screen had smell-o-vision!  It smelled amazing and was so yummy.  Reminded me of childhood!  And now I have leftovers for the rest of the week:)  (Kinda like my craze yesterday to make pasta salad so I could take it to work for lunch all week!)

After dinner Jonathan put my new drapery rod up.  Did you all know that Lowe's has an enormous selection of curtains and rods??  Crazy!  Anyway, I had picked these curtains up from Pier1 a week ago and wasn't sure if I loved them or not, but I think I like them!  My mom asked for a picture of them so here is one: (please disregard the decorations lying on the ground!)
If you made it to the bottom of this novel then you deserve a reward!  Since I don't scrapbook (although after seeing a Cricut I want to be a scrapbooker) I use this blog as a scrapbook so I can remember all of this stuff down the road!


Janine said...

YAY for preggo bellies! It was so fun to see you guys, too!!!

Heather said...

It sounds like you have a great hubby getting all this work done for you! I love the new pulls on the cabinets! You girls are so cute with your little bellies! Glad you had a great weekend and bummer that RH was sold out of the one you like! That always happens to me too!

Stevie said...

Please tell me more about Poppyseed Chicken! The recipe, perhaps?

restorationhardwarecoupon said...

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