Thursday, May 20, 2010

15 Weeks 2 Days

I hit the 15 week mark this past Tuesday.  I had a late meeting at work so we took belly pictures at 15w1d yesterday, but I was uninspired to write a post so here it is...2 days late!  I know you were all sitting there wondering where my weekly belly picture was.  Your week was not complete without it.  I just know it so don't tell me otherwise!
I feel like my belly is growing way faster than it should be when I look at other prego people, so I'm trying not to compare myself to other people!  I'm still in between fitting into normal clothes and maternity clothes.  Jeans with a below-belly panel are my best friend and I'm loving that the current style is blousy shirts because so far that's about what I can wear.  (I would never wear blousy stuff before I was prego because they would make me look pregnant so now I can actually wear them!)

This week, baby is the size of an avocado (or apple depending on which website you look at) (4-5 inches).  It's a-growin'!  All the baby websites say that their little ears can start hearing this week!  And their little eyes, while still shut, can start to sense light.  How fun is that!  I'm going to need to get a sweet little crib sound machine that I can start letting baby listen to!

We still have 2 more weeks until our normal doctor's appointment and it can't come soon enough because 1) I'll get to hear my baby's heartbeat again! and 2) I'll get to schedule the big ultrasound appointment and will have a date to countdown to for when we know the sex of the baby.  I'm so overwhelmed with choosing a name that we are waiting until we know the sex so we can have 50% less names to choose from!  I want to name this child!!  Once we know the sex and a name, my nursery makeover extravaganza will begin!! :) (Which means the rest of the house will go to shambles...again reiterating the need for me to finish the rest of the house in the next 4 weeks!)


Lindsy said...

You and your deadlines girlie. The house is looking AMAZING considering how long y'all overachievers have been there you know? Stop and smell the one curtains and ikea furniture. You know what I mean! Loving watching baby boy/girl grow - it's definitely hapening. Don't compare yourself - seriously it can get depressing (take it from another petite (aka short) framed friend sister!).

Sue said...

Lookin' great Abby!! I totally get what you said about not wearing flowy clothes prior to pregnancy. I was like that too, although... in my mid 40's now, I can wear my babydoll/princess waist clothes again and not care if someone thinks I am - lol Also, it may seem like your tummy is growing faster than others, because you see yourself naked and we also seem somehow "bigger" than others who have clothes on. Funny how that is.

I can't wait to hear "who" is growing inside you. Doug & I picked out names when we first started trying 100 years ago (ok... 15). Too bad we never got to use them - oh well.


Janine said...

Abby: take it from me, don't compare yourself. Lots of people scare me sometimes b/c they can't believe that I am as far as I am and am not very round yet. I know this sounds like I should be happy, but I feel "small" and with onlly 8 weeks to go I would rather people recognize that I AM pregnant vs. finding out I'm pregnant and then saying something like, "really? have they measured your baby yet?? do they have the due date right??" I am 6 feet tall...I have lots of room...every body is different. You look great and trust me, you are growing at the rate you should! Healthy mommy makes healthy baby and this is all that's important!!

Crystal said...

You look so cute with your little belly! My hubby took me shopping this past week for maternity clothes and they are so comfy. Your house looks great already! I can't wait to find out what you are having and see nursery stuff! I've already bought some plaques for the nursery if it is a boy and I'll just have to return them if it is a girl. I'm so ready to know!!!!

Heather said...

You are looking so cute girl!! I can't wait to see what you do for the nursery once you find out what you are having!! It's so fun!! Hope you are having a great weekend friend!