Friday, May 7, 2010

"Um...I own this house..."

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you've already heard this story, but it was just too funny to not share in detail!

Last night we were babysitting Kennedy, so she, Dakota and I were on the couch watching Disney princess movies, while Jonathan was de-cluttering the house of boxes, tools, papers, etc.  (BTW, it looks so much nicer now!  The only clutter is the many decorations that are scattered around that don't have homes!)  Our doorbell rang and I figured it was one of the neighbors.  We have found that our neighborhood is the friendliest and we love it!  Our next door neighbors go to our church and are really sweet and after I heard a man's voice I thought it was our neighbor. 

Jonathan walked back into the living room and said... "Please tell me you just heard that."  Um no I didn't, I have a Disney sing-along going, a 2 year old and a dog in here.  He went on to tell me that there was some councilman going door to door and when Jonathan answered the door he asked Jonathan if his PARENTS were home!?!?  How funny is that.  So Jonathan kinda played along and said, "No."  The guy was like, "Well, are you of legal voting age?"  Now seriously, could he really think my 29 year old husband was not yet 18???  Jonathan said, "Well, I hope so since I own this house."  He said the guy was stunned.  He had to feel soo dumb.  He told Jonathan that he would have carded him at a bar.  Um yeah, if you didn't think he was 18!  (Jonathan even had a day's worth of stubble, with usually makes him look a bit older!) The guy had enough guts to ask us to put a sign in our yard tho!! We were rolling!

Since Jonathan works at the University, he has multiple times been mistaken for a college kid.  Which is a bit funny.  One meeting he was going to, he was told that classes were in the next room!  Hello...have you looked to see what scruffy stuff college guys wear?  Jonathan is always dressed like GQ.  Pretty sure a college guy wouldn't wear button up shirts and dress pants to class.  But at least he's being mistaken for a college kid... A high school kid?  Seriously?  Now, that's a bit extreme!

I guess I'm toast!  When we're old and grey, Jonathan will still have that baby face and I will be wrinkly and old-looking:)


Murdock's mama said...

This is so funny! When I was substitute teaching I as OFTEN mistaken for a high school student! I'm sure someday I'll appreciate it but right now it's almost annoying! :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Heather said...

So funny!! You have a cute young face too girl!! Hope you have a great Friday!

Lindsy said...

Um! That is a flippin' riot. I rolled when I read that. So funny. Awww poor Jonathan. I totally don't think he looks 18. I mean - COME ON!

Kacy said...

HI there! Don't know if you remember my visits before, but I"m Sue's friend. Just thought I'd stop by and say HI! How funny about your husband. He does have a little of a baby face! Very cute! Enjoy your weekend and feel free to come by and visit me anytime.