Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been thinking...

So, I've been thinking about how I can be a bit more creative with my blogging.  I feel like my blog has gotten a bit lazy with only talking about my growing stomach and updating and decorating my house.  You thought I was going to say that I have an idea as to how to be more creative didn't you?  Well, I don't have any ideas!  That's the problem!  Maybe I'm reading too many deep meaningful blogs and it makes me feel like my little blog is all fluff.  Well, let's be honest, my little blog is fluff because right now that's all I can think about and this is pretty much a journal of my thoughts.  I have enough on my mind to have time to think about deep meaningful thoughts.  Does that sound bad?  Maybe it's these crazy pregnancy hormones...

Maybe I'll get a stroke of genius and think of wonderful words I can type.  But until then, you get to see pictures of Dakota.  Last weekend when Jonathan and I were at the Ballard's Outlet (boo) there was an outlet next door called Frontgate.  Now, I've never heard of this company before and I told J it must be because its stuff that isn't anywhere near our price range... not even the outlet prices were reasonable!  (Although they did have the most adorable outdoor furnishings!)  They had sections of the store that were an additional 50% off the outlet price so we wandered around and found ourselves in the pet department. 

Jonathan spotted pet beds.  Now, If I'm being honest here, I have to admit that Dakota is more than just a spoiled rotten dog.  He's a pest...with a lot of energy.  But he's my baby and I love him.  In the past we have given him cute dog beds and he immediately starts ripping apart the fabric as if it's a giant stuffed animal that he is trying to de-fluff.  But Jonathan really thought we should get one of these pet beds for Dakota.

I hesitate to say how much the dog bed was (because my mom informed me that she had multiple people not believe what I spent on {discounted} sheets {which was totally reasonable BTW!} after I answered a question to my cousin about our new bedding on facebook) but because I like to keep it real and I want you all to have a proper understanding of this dog bed, I will tell you.  The original price...wait...are you ready??? was $180!!!!  WHAT?? Seriously, who pays that for a dog bed??  We got it 50% off the clearance outlet price and spent $40 on it.  Which is actually more than I thought we should spend knowing he's never used a bed in the past.  But we bought it, came home and Jonathan vacuumed it off (the outlet stuff was a bit dirty) and let's just say that it is now Dakota's favorite sitting place.  It's absolutely adorable.  I find him in it in the morning before I leave for work and in the evenings he doesn't curl up with us anymore to watch TV.  He goes and lays on his own "couch".  I think this will be good for him when the new baby comes because he will have a place that is all his.  (It doesn't hurt that it has a perfect view out the window to the yard!) Anyway, I got a couple pictures of him curled up in his little bed. (Ok, so the bed looks giant compared to Dakota!)

"Don't take my picture, Ma.  I'm trying to get some rest!  It's been a stressful day!"
Here he is looking out the window. (Probably growling at the squirrels.  Even if he can't see them. He knows they are there!)

That's about as deep and meaningful as I can get right now.  Who knows what these hormones will do next.... maybe I will have some inspirational thoughts next week... guess you'll just have to wait to see!


Crystal said...

First of all I love your blog and like the belly and decoration pictures! Don't worry about spending that much on a bed! I think we paid around $50 for the last bed we bought in the fall and he usually gets a new each year!

Sue said...

I'm with Crystal... don't be hard on yourself. We enjoy your "fluff" hee hee.

Dakota's little couch is adorable. I'm glad he's liking it!

Just think... in a few months you'll have TONS to write about too (if that is you have time to write about your little peanut's exciting life)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hope the sun shines for you ;-)

Heather said...

Girl, I like what you write!! I love reading about your pregnancy and what you do around your house. I go through the same things and have trouble coming up with things to blog about. But blogging is my scrapbook, I do it for me and my family to have a record of everything. Your blog is great!!

Anonymous said...

Abby--i hope im not the cousin you are referring to--i love bargains and I am all for them! You can pay whatever you want for them!! Danae must have been chimming in to on this conversatoin yesterday at the picnic:).

PS....LOVE the dog bed and I SOOO want one just like that for izzy!! That's a total bargain you got!!!

HOpe your doing Danielle