Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meant To Be?

Yesterday Jonathan and I took another trip up to Cincinnati to return and exchange some items at Ikea and then stop by some outlets.  Poor guy just wanted to stay home and work in the yard, but he was a good sport.  We did a really quick run through (didn't even take a cart!) at Ikea for the two things we needed.  Then we went through the clearance corner.  Do you all check the clearance corner when you're at Ikea?  You can find some great deals there.  Well Saturday they had bins of plastic bags of random textiles.  Well, I know they have some cute fabric by the yard and also some cute pillow covers so I started looking through the bags for some fabrics I could use for sewing.  Unfortunately the clear bags were sealed so you couldn't really see what you were getting.  So I settled on a bag that I could tell had a fleece throw and some brown and white fabric.  I thought that the fabric would be great for a purse because I thought I remembered seeing it somewhere in the store and that it was cute and modern.  So for $15 I left with a bag-o-surprises!

J and I stopped at the Ballard's Design outlet and let's just say I was underwhelmed.  It was more like a scratch and dent warehouse and they didn't have many textiles.  We ended up not going to the Pottery Barn outlet because I hadn't done my research and when we put the address in the GPS it was over an hour away from where we were.  So we ended up just going to the Pottery Barn in the mall there and picked up our Duvet!  (That same mall had a Crate and Barrel and also a Restoration Hardware store but we didn't find anything there.)  Unfortunately Pottery Barn did not have the shams or the sheets that matched.  What I do know is that the price for the duvet in the store was $100 less than online!  WHOOHOO!  I love a good deal!

We got home and I opened up my bag-o-fun from Ikea and much to my utter delight I pulled out a KING size DUVET!!  Wha??  And the matching brown shams.  I could not believe it.  The duvet itself at Ikea alone is $60 and we got that, the shams, a blanket and also two black curtains (which will be used for sewing) all for $15!  This pattern is one that had caught my eye in the store last month when we were there but I thought that it might be a little too wild and non-traditional for me.

So here's the deal, we now have 2 duvets!  I'm going to be using a white bed skirt so should I keep both and just switch them out when I feel like a change?  What do you think of them?  I think after looking at the Ikea duvet, that the Pottery Barn one looks quite boring.  J is leaning toward the the Ikea one (possibly because of the $$).

Here is the Ikea set:
Here is the Pottery Barn duvet (don't have the shams yet):

I do like the way that the PB one is a little lighter.  If we decide to keep this set, I'll have to order the matching shams and bedding.  We're on our way to a bedroom makeover!  Yay!!


Lindsy said...

OK - so it's hard to assess fairly the Ikea duvet becuase of the khaki bedskirt (sorry - honest). I like the pattern - what color would you paint the walls. Could look super modern and cool if you based your decor @ the duvet. The pottery barn one is pretty bland. If you did some monogramming and a deep wall color it could be really pretty too but just looking at those comparative photos it's hard to make a firm "yes or no" on either. Sorry. So...bag o' scrap fabric meant - hi - I am a complete bedset? What a surprise! Thats what I call a flippin' bargain.

Janine said...

So I love the Ikea one! And, I actually like it with the khaki bedskirt (sorry Linds!) looks so cool, crisp, and modern. And the khaki makes it look less matchy-matchy and gives it some simple flair! I think for the fact that you don't have a foot/headboard the PB duvet looks bland...the Ikea one can stand alone w/o the foot/headboard but the PB can't really. I would send it back and call the Ikea one a steal!

Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

I think this is meant to be - keep the Ikea, and return that expensive one at PB! You have a dog, you'll soon have a baby, and those one of those two beings will pee/puke/poop on the duvet. The Ikea one is way cuter AND will be less of a loss when something unfortunate happens. :) Plus, what are the chances that you would pick those out in the clearance bin? I'm just saying - it's meant to be!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm not in agreement because I think the Ikea looks more contemporary than your usual taste. I feel the PB looks bland because of no pillows and monogram (picture former blog). Think classic. Anyway wouldn't you eventually be getting a head board some day or if not pillows stacked up fill the area in anyway. Just saying:). M

Jenn said...

I like the Ikea one also. The Ikea one has more interest and even with the bold pattern the colors are neutral enough to mix other colors into the decor, should you decide to.

The PB would look good I suppose if you did the monogramming in the middle or had a throw or a huge mess of pillows. Otherwise, it is sort of blah.