Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Orchard

On Saturday we met up with Billie, Derek, Jes and Justin and all the kids to go to the apple orchard. We love Evans Orchard so we made the beautiful drive out there through the horse farms. The orchard has a huge play area for kids and Adalyn was free since she's under 2. A lot of the play area was for bigger kids but Adalyn was really into the swings.  (Warning: Picture overload)

After playing for a little bit we had lunch and let the kids enjoy the play area and the live music. There was a petting zoo area that we didn't go into but there were horse rides and Adalyn was super excited to see the horses in person and wanted to go play with them.
These two are so sweet together.

 This was her seat to watch the live music.
 She was just tall enough to be the apple.

 The 3 older kids took a wagon ride around the picnic tables thanks to Derek.
 Emalyn was all smiles!
Then we decided to head out to the orchard area to pick some apples. Aunt Billie helped Adalyn pick her very own apple. (Normally Adalyn is not a fan of eating apples unless they are dried apples or apple sauce. I think it might be the texture?? Either way, she likes to bite in and spit it out.) Once she had this apple in her hand, she was not giving it up. She enjoyed eating it the entire way through the rest of the orchard and the whole way home. We had to pry it from her hands for her to take her nap and the entire time she was in her bed she was crying for her apple. So funny.

 Waiving to the tractor driving past.

We attempted to get some pictures of the kids like we did last year and there were some cute ones...
 Love Eli's smile in this one.
 Sneaking a kiss. I think Adalyn's shirt was appropriate.
 More lovins. So sweet.
 Eli with his two favorite ladies. Sissy and girlfriend:)
 Getting all 3 to look at the same time...impossible.
 One more try before Emalyn crawls away...
I don't have any pictures of Cayden or Caleb or any adults. Cayden hung out in Jonathan's carrier all afternoon and Caleb cruised in his stroller. I can't believe that we've come to this orchard for so many years now. It's crazy to see how many kids there are and how old they are getting. Exactly two years ago we met up with Jes at this orchard to take maternity pictures and now we have 2 kids! CRAZY! I'm sure this won't be our only orchard trip this year. We'll be back when it's a little more fall-ish to get pumpkins! Such a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends!


Janine said...

Cute pics!!!! Gotta love a good orchard! :)

Lindsy said...

These are so cute. I CANNOT believe how big Emmalyn looks - I mean...she seems super duper long and lanky (of course what else would she be, right?). Adalyn is looking so big too - her hair has gotten lots longer. Oh...I miss those kiddos.