Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cousins - Take 2

When my parents came to help out after I was in the hospital the second time, they brought my nieces and nephew with them. The kids were spending the week at grandma and papa's house and it just so happened to be the week that my parents came to visit us. I was excited to see my nieces and nephew because we hadn't seen them since Christmas. They live in Florida and two years ago before they  moved to Florida they only lived an hour and a half away from us so we saw them all the time and went to birthday parties and soccer games. It's hard to only see them once or twice a year now. They are so grown up!! What happened??!!
My oldest niece Jenna. How do I have a high school niece?? 
 Lauren was so sweet with the kids and even brought Adalyn some of her special Webkins that she used to collect.
I know that there was a picture of Caleb holding Cayden, but my dad must have that one on his camera! oops!  All of the kids got a lesson in changing diapers! :) Adalyn loved having her cousins here. The girls were so great with her and Adalyn would sneak down to the basement to the guest room to go visit them. Sometimes she'd come upstairs with a stolen lip balm. ha! She was very spoiled by them! And Adalyn loved Caleb. He's quite into origami and Adalyn was quite interested in the paper shapes he would make. She was constantly asking him to read her books. He took the job of "reader" seriously.

Cousins before church. (Notice how Adalyn is holding her brother's toes. Sweet girl.)
It was so nice to have a few days to spend with the kids. I wish we could make it happen more often. Adalyn just loves her older cousins. We missed my brother (their dad) on the trip. Maybe that means they can come visit again soon... :) 

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Lindsy said...

I cannot believe how big those kids are...seems just yesterday they were all tiny and riding in the limo after your wedding with us. The pictures are so Adalyns little crab outie and you know I always love seeing your Mom (though I prefer in person ;).