Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery - Process

Finally. Nursery pictures. Well, not yet. This post is going to be before and during pictures. Tomorrow will be all of the after pictures. Sorry for the teaser:)

Cayden's room used to be our guest room, which has now moved down to our basement. (I don't have pictures of the new guest room yet...)
 This is actually the bedroom set and bedding that I had before we were married. I still love it. (Well other than that chest of drawers that we ended up donating.)
 Of course I didn't get pictures before we starting bringing nursery stuff in. (The white Ikea chair went into Adalyn's room to replace the glider that is now in Cayden's room.)
 I wanted white board and batten in Cayden's room so Jonathan and my dad put in a lot of hard work to make it happen. First Jonathan taped the room, which was actually quite difficult to get a perfectly level line.
 Then Jonathan painted the blue on top and white on the bottom. I actually only got two sample blue paints which is a record for me. I usually have 10 or more test colors up on the wall, but we scored with this color. I loved it. (Of course I can't remember the  name of it right now -Navy 3 by Valspar??- and I'm not about to go climb in our garage to find the can.)
 I had seen a few how-to's in blog-land and pinterest for inexpensive board and batten. This is the one we actually used. We bought two sheets of 1/2 inch plywood and asked Home Depot to cut it into a bunch of 3 inch pieces. They didn't love us but it was better than renting a saw. And it was WAY cheaper than buying individual boards. We actually only used 1.5 of the two boards. 
 My dad and Jonathan worked so hard to get the boards all spaced out evenly.  This was a good project for two math brains. They were all about being exact! :)
They finished with 4 inch wide horizontal boards as a chair rail. They went back and filled in all the screw holes and caulked all of the edges and then did another coat of fresh white paint. I think it looks amazing!! Doesn't it add so much to the room?
See that electrical outlet that sticks out like a sore thumb? That is the one thing left in the room that we have not yet done. I'd like to switch out all the outlets and the light switch for white so that they blend in. But that isn't really in the plans right now. Just something I'd like at some point. (Don't think I had overlooked it) :)

Next is the reveal. Be excited. I am!...
Update: Click HERE to see the nursery reveal pictures.
TDC Before and After

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