Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Garage Cleanout

We interrupt the baby-picture-filled posts in order to highlight our garage. Yeah. I know. Not nearly as fun or as cute as my kids but I figured it might be time to take a baby breather:)

Growing up my dad always said that Labor Day was the day each year to clean out and organize the garage. I remember many years of this. This year Jonathan picked up my dad's tradition and spent the day in our garage. Let's back up a moment.  We always park both cars in our garage. This is not an option. Just ask Jonathan. When we had Cayden and needed to access both sides of the cars we quickly realized that we needed to better use our garage space in order to fit everything we need. It was just not an option to back the car out of the garage every time we needed to get the kids in or out of the car.

We went to Lowe's on Saturday and bought some Rubbermaid hook systems to hang more of our stuff. Honestly we have 4 strollers (!! I know. Crazy. But they are for all different stages. A Snap and Go for the infant carrier, a jogging stroller, an umbrella stroller and a double Sit n Stand stroller.) a wagon, and a slew of other outdoor kid toys that were all either given to us by neighbors or found at garage sales. All of this stuff was sitting around the edges of the garage and we were barely able to get around the garage. We needed to get it all off the ground! Let's use that wall space!

Of course I didn't get a true before picture, but this shows a bunch of the junk. It's from the inside door because I couldn't get a different shot at the time since I was holding the dog (so he wouldn't escape) and corralling both kids. 
 We did have 2 large metal shelves in the corner of the garage (that you can't see in this picture) and they had gotten really disorganized.
After many hours of hard work, cleaning, organizing and throwing a ton away...
Jonathan ended up only using one of the 4 hanging systems that we bought so we still have a few more organizing tweaks to do. We have more wall space on the sides that we're going to look into hanging a few more of Adalyn's riding/push toys.  (Also, the 2 shelves and the shoe rack in front of the fridge will be donated so they won't be staying in the garage.) The awesome news?? We can both pull our cars further into the garage without hitting anything :) and we can get into both sides of both cars while they are parked in the garage. SCORE!! I'm thankful for all of Jonathan's hard work on Labor Day!!


Lindsy said...

omg - craziness! Go Jonathan. Honestly - I'm uber excited about our two car garage in our new house, but it's not for parking purposes (never even occurred to me) it's because of the storage. Ha!! Good for y'all - always so organized and on the ball!

Janine said...

Can I just say how jealous I am?!!!?! Our 2-car garage is year-round boat storage and to say it irks me is an understatement. We have too many "toys" (grown-up and kid) and they have seeped into our driveway and around the corner of our house. Yea, we are classy. Can Jonathan come organize for us???? It is such a hazard to walk into our garage...let alone with two little ones. Anyways, enough complaining...your garage looks GREAT!