Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Pictures

Last night Cayden slept the entire night!!! He went to sleep around 9PM and slept until 7AM! I felt like a whole new person. I want to know how it happened so I can recreate it so it's not just a fluke! It's amazing how wonderful a full uninterrupted night's sleep can make you feel:)  We actually were ready for church with a few minutes to spare so we took a few pictures of the kids. Adalyn is so sweet with her brother. I just love it. It melts my heart. (And yes, I realize Adalyn has white shoes and a white sweater on and it's past Labor Day. We're trying to squeeze in as many summer dresses as possible before fall takes over!) Can my kids look any different from each other? :)

Adalyn was so proud of herself after we took these pictures because we told her what a big girl she was to hold her brother so nicely. She was so cute strutting around being a big sister.  Also, how does my baby girl look like such a big girl already and my newborn look like a big boy?? Time, it is flying!!

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Chelsea said...

You have two SUPER adorable children!!!! :)