Monday, September 24, 2012

Jonathan's First 10K Race

On Saturday morning Jonathan ran his first road race. (The past two races he has run have been mud races with obstacles. So this was his first road race and he didn't pick an easy 3k or 5k to run.) He decided to start with a 10k. Back in 2008 Billie and I ran the CASA 10k. It was the first year for the race and it was my longest distance ever at the time. I ran the race again in 2009 with Lindsy, Courtney and Nevada. Billie was very pregnant with Eli and came to cheer us on. In 2010 I was pregnant with A and last year I was only up to running 5k so I didn't even consider running the 10k. Obviously this year I wasn't going to be running it but during my pregnancy Jonathan picked up running and he decided to sign up. (I'm hoping to be able to run it with him next year! Not that I'd actually run with him since I'd never be able to catch up.)

So now that you've heard the history of this race, I'll tell you about this past Saturday. It was a beautiful morning out. Sunshine, blue skies, a wonderful breeze and a teensy bit chilly. The race is held at a park near where we used to live and I've run a few races over there. Honestly even though I wanted to weave around the park to see Jonathan at the different points, I didn't know if I could do it fast enough with the double stroller and be at the right locations in time. So we just parked it near the finish line and cheered for the runners. This year they had a 5 and 10k that had the same start time and finish line, so since Jonathan was in the longer distance we were able to be entertained by the 5k runners coming through while we waited for him.

Adalyn was half asleep and a bit confused. She kept asking "Where dada go?" from the time J lined up at the start line until he crossed the finish line. It was pretty cute.
 I had to capture the picturesque Kentucky landscape beyond finish line. I love running in places like this.
 Adalyn was waving at the 5k runners as they came through.
 Watching for dada. (And having a little leftover breakfast.)
 Thankfully Cayden did this the entire time we were there! 
Since both races were going at the same time and the bibs were the same colors I couldn't tell when the first 10k runners started coming since there were a bunch of 5k runners still on the course. I wanted to count how many were in front of J but I honestly couldn't tell which runners where for which race. (Probably not the best set up for a race, but what can you do?)  But I could see a really far distance down the path in order to watch for J. I didn't know what time to start looking for him but I knew whatever time I thought he might come in, I should start looking about 10 minutes before that because he's blown out the competition in his past mud races. I told Adalyn once I could see her daddy that she could get out of the stroller to get him at the finish line. (I could do that since it's such a small race and there weren't tons of people around.)

I got some great pics of J headed toward the finish line.

 I love this picture. Seriously. Look at that Kentucky fence. Perfect scenery for running!
 Jonathan said he saw Adalyn's face light up when she figured out it was him running towards her.
 A sweet lady offered to get a family picture. Next year I'll be in running gear... Hold me to it!
 Jonathan had a time of 45 min 24 sec.  Pretty awesome for 6.2 miles! He came in first in his age group and 11th overall!! I'm so proud! Seriously. Who does that? Who places in his first race?? My husband. That's who! I think he's hooked on running now. I'm so glad we could be there to cheer for him and celebrate with him!


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Yeah, what she said: it really is incredible how awesome he's doing having just picked it up not long ago. Go j!