Monday, September 10, 2012

Cutie Pictures

I captured some really cute pictures of Cayden a few weeks ago and I just have to post them! Not that I'm biased or anything:) He was 3 weeks old at the time. I truly think he looks like Jonathan. I just love those eyes. I have a feeling they are going to stay dark like his daddy's. (Adalyn's are blue like mine.) Please look past the spit-up on his shirt. Such is life. Ha!

Always trying to suck on his hands.

 Feed me... I honestly believe he would eat 24/7 if he could:)
 I love this face. Precious!!
And of course I had to go back to see Adalyn's pictures at 3 weeks to see just how much they look alike and I had to post two pictures. Every once in a while Cayden will make a face that looks like Adalyn but other than that I don't think they look anything alike. Their features are different, hair is different and coloring is different. It will be so fun to compare as they grow up.


Jen said...

I agree C looks just like his daddy. How precious!

Lindsy said...

They really don't look alike - do they?! Genetics are so crazy. I personally like the way he looks in the girlie swing: tee hee. Girl - mine would eat 24/7 too. I saw a LC today that said if he was eating longer than 15 minutes at a time (at his age) he was likely just pacifying himself. Welp - call me paci then. =) Love the pics - his eyes are gorgeous.

Janine said...

So, to add to the nursing 24/7 convo...I am a human paci also. What are you supposed to do?? He is such a handsome baby, can't wait to see who he resembles as he grows!!