Tuesday, August 6, 2013

12 Months

This is my final installment in Cayden's monthly posts. sniff sniff. I printed all of Cayden's growth pictures for his party and it was so much fun (and sad too!) to see how teeny tiny he was and how big he has gotten. I read Janine's post and decided I need to make Cayden's 12 month post into a 12 month review too. I love looking back!

At 12 months, Cayden is a serious crawler. He is everywhere and into everything. He really really wants to pull up but the kid is a 22 lb chunk. Poor thing can't pull himself up. (Edited to add: Just found out from the sitter that he pulled up yesterday and he did it with such ease that she thought he'd been doing it at home for the past week. [She's been on vacation.] I can't wait to see him do it!) He will stand when we help him stand. He loves music and his favorite toys are two books that play songs. He will push the button and then dance and sway and clap. He loves clapping. He can waive bye bye and he likes to show off all of his tricks of making noises with his hands on his mouth. He is so proud of it. He loves interacting with his sister. He also is super smart (don't all parents say that??) He immediately knew how to use all of his new toys and knew to put the little balls where they are supposed to go. And he took the little pirate people and put them in the hammock on his little pirate ship! It's so fun to see him playing like a big boy!

He is a size 4 diaper and is quickly growing out of 6-12 month clothes. He has 3 teeth on the bottom and up until this past week only had one tooth on top on the right (not a center tooth). This past week his left side tooth (not a center tooth) finally came through. Can you please picture his mouth...three bottom teeth, no center top teeth and two top side teeth? It is so funny! Today he finally cut one of his center top teeth. I'll be thrilled to have him finish teething for a little bit. He is such a happy laid back baby so when he's fussy from his teeth it's just not like him. I feel so sorry for him!

Now for a scroll stroll down memory lane...

First day home from the hospital. Look at those skinny little wrinkly legs! He was swimming in his Newborn size clothes and we ended up buying him some Preemie clothes.

 This picture was near impossible since as soon as we took our hands off of him he would roll and crawl away. 

Here are his monthly sitting pictures!

I love looking through these pictures to see how much personality my baby has gotten! I absolutely love him to the moon and back! 


Janine said...

As Linds once told me about Keagan, Cayden's cheeks are the gift that keeps on giving! LOVE THEM!! He is adorable. And I love the scroll down memory lane...such a happy little toot!! :) I can't believe we have ONE YEAR OLDS. What the WHAT!?!! Annnnnnd his teeth make me laugh. I thought for sure Finn would be that way (no center teeth) but he managed to get those center boogers first. ANd now we are at a halt with the top side ones...they seem to just be hanging out right under the gums. I can see them but they won't just come on through!

Lori (Once Upon A Run) said...

What a great idea--wish I had done something similar for my kid's first birthdays. The month by month pictures hadn't really caught on when my two children were born--I wonder when/how they became so popular.

I honestly don't remember if I made a post or not on the family blog when V&W turned one, but the great thing about blogging is that it's still there so I can go see (better than a baby book in my opinion!!!)

feipeng wu said...

Thanks for sharing...
It is cute..