Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Pictures

I always want to dress my kids in matching/coordinating outfits but it's really hard to do with a boy/girl! (Especially when most clothes come from consignment sales.) I had a precious outfit for Cayden to wear today. It's a Bella Bliss outfit and if you know how pricey that brand is, you will be impressed to know that they are located in Lexington and have two warehouse sales each year and I bought this outfit for $10 last December! I love scoring a deal:)  Cayden had some of his 1 year photo shoot pictures in this precious outfit but had never worn it to church so I decided he needed to today.

Adalyn likes to "help" me pick out her dress for church. Usually I get to her closet first and pull 3 options she can choose from. Today she got to her closet first and asked for this dress. I started to say no because she has worn it recently to church but I stopped myself when I realized that it perfectly matched Cayden's outfit. Too cute! So these matching/coordinating outfits today is thanks to my 2 year old!

I wanted to get pictures of them in their coordinating outfits but neither felt like smiling at the same time. Of course.
 Sweet sister comforting Cayden.


Janine said...

SO sweet!! Did Adalyn suddenly spring some hair?!!! She has piggy tails!!

Lindsy said...

Girl, you know I love a matchy matchy outfit. They are so super cute. I love A's piggies!