Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bathroom Mini-Makeover

After we saw how much the new grey walls opened up the dining room and made it feel like we gained square footage I persuaded my dad to paint the half bath too. (On my birthday - how could he say no?) To this day, every time I go in there I'm amazed by how fresh it feels now!

This is how the bathroom looked when we moved into the house 3 years ago. It was bright red and shiny and no, there wasn't a mirror.  Yes, it has a shell shaped sink. Please also picture white/hunter green laminate flooring straight from 1990's. 
 This was the color we painted it when we moved in. Of course I didn't take a picture of the room "styled" with the mirror and decorations. After the red, this color seemed soothing and calm. After living with it for 3 years, it just started feeling dark. We kept the semi-gloss finish since it's hard to go from a semi-gloss to an eggshell (my personal favorite finish) and the shiny walls started to just drive me crazy.

We used Grey Owl (color matched at Lowes) darkened 50% just so it was a little different from the dining room, but honestly no one would ever notice that the two rooms are different colors. I talked to my dad and also the Lowes guy about how to switch from the semi-gloss finish to an eggshell. We really didn't want to buy primer and eggshell doesn't stick well to semi-gloss (according to the Lowes guy). He recommended sanding the walls, so my dad used a liquid deglosser before painting the room. He did have to paint two coats in the room to cover the old paint. We feel like the deglosser did the trick and the eggshell finish is a welcomed change!

I can't decide whether the pictures with the lights on or off are truer of the color in real life so I added both. (I really need to take lessons so I can figure out how to actually use my camera!) 
  I added a little fabric to the white towel to get a little more color in this room. 
  The wall hanging over the toilet was the present I got from my boss for my birthday. So cute right?

You like that last picture that includes our lovely floors? Between the floor and the sink, we know that there are some larger items we could update in order to do a full makeover to this room, but we're not in that position so the next best thing is to update the "cheap" things that make a big impression like the wall color and decorations. Maybe down the road we can do a full makeover to this bathroom. For now I'm thrilled with these updates! I feel like I got a whole new room in my house!

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