Monday, August 19, 2013

Cayden Stats

We had to postpone Cayden's 12 month well-check because two days before that appointment I took Cayden in to the doctor fearing he had an ear infection. Thankfully there was no ear infection but he did have a virus that included a high fever with throat blisters. Poor baby was so sore! So although we could have done his 12 month appointment that week, his doctor recommended that we push it back so he wouldn't deal with throat blisters, teething and shots all at once.

Last week we went to his well check. Yes, I showed up on the wrong day and time. (I did show up to the appointment time that I had in my phone calendar so I'm not completely crazy. But somehow I typed in the wrong appointment in my phone when I scheduled it.) Thankfully since we were already there they saw us. I felt so bad because it was two days before first day of school so they were packed with people getting their back to school appointments in.

Anyway, all is well in Cayden's world. He has not yet pulled up at home but his sitter says he pulls up continually at her house and has been for the past two weeks. The doctor said that we have 4 weeks for him to start pulling up consistently at home before she sends us to physical therapy. He's just not interested in standing/walking/pulling up. He flies around the house crawling and he seems happy with that. I'm not worried about it. He's not behind on any other milestones. I think he's just laid back and frankly I'll take that over being hyperactive!

Here are his stats:
Height: 29 7/8" = 75-90%
Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz = 75-90%
Head: 17" = 2-5%

Cayden was laying on the floor laughing and I had such a good view of his funny three teeth on top so I had to grab my camera. That 4th tooth is just taking it's time coming through. It's bulging and so close! I think it looks like he's a big boy who lost his front tooth. Ha:)
 And the bottom three teeth. So funny how they came in like that with three on top and three on the bottom. His fourth bottom tooth has finally broken through. You just can't see it well yet.
 Out of focus but still so cute!

 Adalyn saw Cayden laying on the floor laughing for pictures so she wanted in on the fun and laid down to laugh for her picture. 
 This picture cracks me up. She looks like she's trying so earnestly to smile big:)


Janine said...

Big boy!!! I am glad you aren't worried about him not pulling up consistently. Kids develop at such a wide range of normal and if he bears weight on his legs (hips) then he is doing good. (says your friendly physical therapist) Keagan was about like Cayden. He didn't walk 'til 15 months...and then he took off!!
But I d have a question: is his head circumference really 2nd-5th percentile? Or 25th? It isn't much off from Finn's and his is 50-75th (in centimeters and not inches, though..).

Lindsy said...

Those pics of Adalyn are so super precious and I just have to say that her super cheese reminds me of your super cheese ;)., Grey is killin' it in the teeth department: so funny! I think we have like 11 at this point. I weighed him last week (his appointment got rescheduled for this week) and he weighed right at 20 - little peanut.
I just want to freeze time.