Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Birthday!

Last Friday was my birthday and I had a fun time celebrating. My parents were in town because they were watching the kids all week while our sitter was on vacation. I had to work on Friday and it was a heavier workload than a normal Friday so that was a big bummer. But the awesome part came when I got back to my office after lunch and my boss had a big pink bag (with chevron tissue paper!) waiting in my desk chair for me. This is what she got me:
I have recently updated my dining room and half bath (post coming soon!) and had mentioned to my boss that I saw this wall hanging at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would be perfect in one of my "new" rooms! Super sweet of her!

For dinner we ordered pizza (like our normal Friday routine) and then had an absolutely amazing cake that my sweet hubby ordered from my favorite cupcake shop. Ohmygoodness was it delicious. Chocolate on chocolate with chocolate chips in it! Oh and did I mention that it was 5 layers?? And that he found a cool design online and had them replicate it? Yeah. Awesome!
My girl has really gotten in to smiling and "showing her teeth" in pictures. Can you tell? 
 Cayden wasn't in this picture because he was sitting in his booster eating. What else would he do in the kitchen? I don't think he would ever feel that a picture is more important than his food!

 I don't normally post pictures of presents but I was so excited about these that I have to share! My parents got me this purse and necklace form Charming Charlie that I have wanted all summer!!
 Cayden liked my necklace!
 Jonathan surprised me with a Nike+ gps running watch. I'm really excited about it! I've already used it twice and I really like it! I love that it gives a more accurate distance for my runs. J has one and knew I'd really like one too!
It's a bit chunky on my wrist but I'm ok with it:)
Saturday night we left the kids with my parents and went out for a date to a nice restaurant for a steak dinner! Yum! This is the same restaurant that we went to the night we got engaged! I honestly can't remember the last time we went there because we just don't go to nice restaurants anymore.

We had delicious meals and I even got a free dessert! (Of course we didn't really need a dessert since we had leftover chocolate cake at home, but you can't turn down free dessert!)
I had a wonderful birthday weekend! I felt so loved by all of my family and friends! I remembered back to last year on my birthday when I was so sick and had to go back into the hospital two days after my birthday for my postpartum preeclampsia and ended up staying there almost a week. Wow. As much as it hurts me to see my baby boy so big, I'm so glad it's this year rather than last year! 


Aishlea said...

Happy late Birthday! Love your gifts! And you look great, skinny Minnie!

Party of Five said...

Happy Birthday.. sorry I'm so late! You look great!

Lindsy said...

Yay for a fun birthday and fun presents from thoughtful friends and family. Um - the watch: does it do calories burned too? I really want one of those watches!!! I second the girls above - you are looking good Abby: keep up all your hard work becasue it's showing!