Monday, August 5, 2013

Cayden's Birthday Party

I think this is the last birthday post! We had a wonderful time celebrating my sweet baby boy. He actually enjoyed his smash cake (unlike his sister!) so it was fun to watch him. And he enjoyed opening his presents (even if he had to be redirected a couple times). We had fun spending time with family and friends. Here are some pictures we took during the party.

My boy. 

 We tried to get pictures of Cayden with all of his friends. (5 out of 6 were willing to take pictures so that's pretty good odds!)

 Family picture (in front of my new curtains I whipped up on Friday! Love em! Hopefully I'll have a blog post about that soon.)

Time for CAKE! He was not into his birthday hat:)

 Daddy thought he'd help out a little bit.

 He loved the cake. His little legs were continually kicking with happiness.
I love this messy face!

 He loved it!
 Would you believe that after all of this sugar he went right down for his nap after the party and took an awesome nap!
 Cayden loves pulling the tissue paper out of the bags!
 He got a new blanket and started playing peek-a-boo. It was so cute!
 Peek - 
 Cayden got a pup and he didn't have the intense reaction that his sister did for her 1st birthday (remember that? Click here to see!) but it was still pretty sweet!
 Some family pictures. Grammy with her grandkids.

 Papa and Nana with the kids.
 I love that Coda photo bombed this picture. Ha!
 My precious 1 year old!


Aishlea said...

Love all the pics! And I just have to say.... how AWESOME do you look!?????!!!!!

Lindsy said...

Such great pictures. I still can't believe these boys are 1 - sniff, sniff, tear. Love how into his cake he was and love his sweet little t-shirt. You got some awesome Mommy/Boy pis and family pics and friend pics, etc. I agree with Aishlea - you are looking really good sister! Proud of all your work, I'm sure you're feeling great!

Crystal said...

Such cute pictures! You look Amaizing!!! And I love the curtains!