Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cayden's Party Decorations

We had a great time celebrating Cayden with our family and close friends last weekend! I wanted to make his party special but I wanted it to be easy so I wasn't stressing over food/decorations at the last minute. I went ahead and made the crafty decorations the weekend before so I just had to hang everything the night before. That took a ton of stress off of me! And we had "easy" food of burgers, pasta salad, fruit and a dip of Trader Joe's Cookie Butter. All in all, we had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it.

Here is the invite! We call Cayden our little man and he always wears a little man hat to church each week so I wanted to play off that. I also loved all the fun colors in this invite!

The view from the front door. (I like to use ribbons as streamers so I can reuse them each year!)
Cayden's 16 weekly and 12 monthly pictures. It was so fun to see how much he grew next to his little pillow.

 Cayden's monthly pictures. From 2 months on every picture had a smile! Happy boy!
 The view into the kitchen. (My dad and Jonathan were finishing up last minute tasks.)

 The food table. I loved my little silverware mason jar holders. I bought those vinyls a year or more ago and have never used them and the colors just happened to match perfectly!

My mother's day mugs perfectly matched our party!
I had fun with bakers twine! I love that Hobby Lobby now carries paper straws and bakers twine so I don't have to order it online!
Cayden's chair! I love how his high chair skirt turned out!

 The dining room. (Just in this past week we have made HUGE changes to this room so it looks completely different now!)

 These little ties were on a cardboard thing that was supposed to be used as a high chair skirt. I didn't love how it looked so I repurposed it into a hanging for the front door and I think it turned out really cute!
Next up are party pictures! We are almost finished with posts of Cayden's birthday! :)

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Lindsy said...

I was most excited to see your "party post" because I've been awaiting all the fun details. It looks awesome as usual: love all the decor. I wonder if our HL has paper straws and twine because I need to be hittin' that up if so. Love the silverware decals on the mason jars: so cute! Ready for more! =) I'm in full out party planning mode. Jealous that you're "done"! =)