Thursday, February 5, 2009

3D Let-down...

So, I know it's a few days past Superbowl, but I just had to post this picture of Jonathan and Derek (and Dakota too!) watching the Superbowl commercials! I like football, but I'm not usually really into actually watching the Superbowl. I just like to watch the commercials:) As you can see Billie in the background at the sewing machine, we were hard at work while the boys watched the game. The 3D commercials I think were a little over-rated but made for a great picture! We were thankful for DVR so we could rewind since we only had 2 sets of 3D glasses. Of course the boys took a picture just like this of Billie and me, but I'm not posting it! ha! Jonathan and I sat with our 3D glasses on just like this Monday night to watch Chuck, but that was a big let-down! The picture looked fuzzy without the glasses, but with the glasses didn't give that awesome Disney World 3D effect. I hope these TV shows get over the whole 3D thing!

Well, I'm off to do some Turbo Jam and finish a cute giraffe bag with Billie! (I'll post pics later.)I'm sure I'll be hurting tomorrow! My body is missing our outside runs, but it's just too cold and the sidewalks are still icy, so we've decided on a video for tonight.

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