Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brandon Heath Concert!

We had the pleasure of going to a FREE Brandon Heath Concert tonight! There is a charity in Lexington called Step by Step that won a concert by Brandon from Air 1 to use as a fundraiser. Three of my girlfriends, my hubby, and I decided to go! It's a good thing we got there early because the main auditorium filled up fast! We got some really great seats!

Here are my girls: Tasha, Billie and Jes... We didn't plan the coordinating colors!

This is Brandon singing "Give Me Your Eyes". This is one of my all time favorite songs! You have got to go to his website and watch this music video. It really gets you thinking about what is important in life.

Since it was a charity concert, he didn't bring his whole band. He just had his keyboardist/back up singer. So I really enjoyed the whole acoustic low-key type of concert that he performed.

This is how thrilled Jonathan was to have his picture taken:). I love him for coming with me even though the other hubby's weren't there!

Here's Billie and Tasha waiting for the concert to start!

...and Jes and me. We tried to take a self portrait like old times but I must be out of practice because I couldn't get one to look ok so we finally broke down and had someone else take one! :)
Brandon seems like such an awesome guy trying to be used by the Lord in any way he can. I thought I only knew two of his songs, but it turns out he has a ton of songs on the radio that I never knew were his! All in all it was a fun night with friends praising Jesus!


Michelle Plymire said...

fun fun! :)

Sue said...

I don't think I've ever heard him or of him Abby. I'm going to go check him out when I finish here :-) Thanks!

Had to giggle at your talk of the self-portrait pics. I have never been able to do those well. My arms must be too short. I just end up with a horrific double chin in them when I take them :-)

Have a great evening!
Hugs xo