Friday, February 27, 2009

DVR and Homemade Pizza!

I'm not really sure how I survived not having cable before I was married. Somehow I got by by using bunny ears to pick up three or four stations. Now that I've lived with a big screen TV, cable, and DVR I don't think I could go back! Sometimes I think our lives revolve too much around TV because I think we're both quite addicted! TV is our way to unwind after a long day. But the thing that makes TV even better...DVR! I do not know how anyone could live without a DVR (and to think my two best friends don't have one!). I love how it records all of my shows without me having to remember which shows come on which night and I never have to hurry home to catch a show! We never watch TV live...unless it's J watching sports! I love fast forwarding the commercials! And lets not forget how amazing the pause button is! The only problem with not watching live TV is that we can't talk at work the next day about who got voted off because we haven't watched it yet! I mean we could stay up late to watch shows, but isn't that the point of DVR? Not having to stay up to watch a show? We can be old people and go to bed at 9! Here is my one problem with DVR...ready?...I can only record two shows at a time! Maybe this sounds a little obsessive, but last night Idol was on while I already had two other stations recording my normal Thursday night shows! That means that we had to watch something live!!! oh no!!! Why can't they make the technology record as many shows at the same time as I want? Every single commercial last night I tried to grab the remote to fast forward and every time I got reminded how much I hate live TV! :)

Last Friday J made me homemade pizza for dinner! Aren't I spoiled? Well I was craving it all week, so after work we went to walmart (not the most fun thing to do while you're hungry after a day of work) to get our groceries, including more pizza ingredients. Do you know how cheap it is to make your own dough and pizza? Seriously...the package of dough mix was $.44! You know I had to stock up on some extra packs! And it really doesn't take that long to rise or cook!We got home and yes, my wonderful hubby made me his yummy specialty pizza again!

So, we had a wonderful night eating homemade pizza and watching DVRs. I love our cozy life!

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Sue said...

Sounds like a fabulous night, Abby!! We used to make homemade pizza years ago but have a really yummy place not too far away that does "gourmet" pizza which is to die for so we splurge and get take out!

And...I totally know what you mean about TV addiction and the DVR. I would be so lost without mine too! How ever did we survive before? I'm totally aging myself here... but I remember when we didn't even have a VCR at home... now THAT was tragic! hee hee.

Have a great rest of your weekend!
Hugs xo