Friday, February 13, 2009

First Day!

Jonathan started his temp job today at UK! He wasn't set up in the computer system yet, so he filed all day! He came home with battle wounds from the manila folders all over his hands. He was exhausted from standing all day, but we are thrilled that he is working again. He even told his friend that he'd help over at the GNC store on Monday after he gets done at UK! He'll be exhausted Monday night. Even during his first day today, word spread about his knowledge of computers and the head of the accounting department came and asked him to help her with some issues she was having with Word. After Jonathan helped her, she decided she wanted the entire project she was working on redone, so she's asked Jonathan to do that in his free time! yay! I knew they would love him! Who wouldn't? :) I'm so happy for him! The only sad part is that I have Monday off of work for Presidents' Day and now Jonathan will be working! At least I won't have any excuses for not spending my day sewing!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Abs, since you asked me about my blog, I thought I would check out yours :) That video is really cute! I'm sorry things haven't been going so smooth but I love reading your perspective. You are such a strong person and I am so glad to see you guys relying on the Lord to guide you through! Love you girl and now I can pray specifics for you guys! ~Brittainy