Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A ray of light!

I've learned that this whole job searching thing brings a lot of ups and downs. Yesterday morning Jonathan had an interview. First of all, the interview was at a corporate headquarters for a company. It was an entry level job, but he didn't mind. He got to the office which was in an unmarked building. He wasn't told it was an unmarked building and thus started the unprofessional-ness of this company. Anyway, long story short, after the very short interview the guy told Jonathan that he couldn't give him the job because Jonathan is way to over-qualified. What?!?! Everyone in this job market is overqualified due to so many layoffs in this economy! Had the guy not read his resume before he called him to come in for an interview? Grrr.

Jonathan came back home and two hours later got a call from UK's accounting department for a temp job! A temp job is a job, so Jonathan had an interview at 2:00 for it. It went well and sure enough, they called him back to offer him the job. He went in this morning to fill out paperwork and get his parking pass. This job could be 1 week or 8 weeks. They weren't sure how long they would need him, but it could lead to a lot of opportunities since UK is one of the largest employers in the central Kentucky. He found out that he will be learning the UK computer system to do this job, which will give him an advantage for any other job openings there. I believe that once he's in that department and they see his work ethic that they will want to give him the next permanent job that comes available. That's just me thinking...God might have other plans.

Then yesterday afternoon Jonathan got a phone interview with another large company in town. The only problem with this company is that he would have to drive a service truck for 6 months before he could take the district manager position. For anyone who knows Jonathan, that could be a bit of an issue! hehe!

So, we got a ray of light! yay! And we also got a copy of our Stud Muffin video!

Billie and Lindsy came over last night. Billie and I did a Biggest Loser workout which kicked my rear! I'm still sore! Then we all got down to business...sewing! We had a good time watching Biggest Loser and hanging out together. Thanks Lindsy for helping us cut fabric! We loved having your help! Its so good to have girl time!

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Michelle Plymire said...

That video was so cute :)! And yay for a job! Even if it is temporary, it's better than nothing. John keeps hearing that he's over qualified too, very frustrating!