Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Billie has forced me to run twice in the last two weeks! Seriously 2 times in 2 weeks sounds like nothing and it pretty much is nothing. But it's something!! We had sewing to do last night for some orders that we have, so I was totally up for ditching the running. But I couldn't do that to Billie. I knew that she had gone home on her lunch hour to pick up her running gear AND it was a really pretty evening, so there was no getting out of running. Having a running buddy is good because sometimes I'm not so strong and I need someone to force me to make the right choice and RUN! Sometimes I'm completely in the mood to run (not lately - maybe when it's warmer). I think the more often that you work out, the more you want to work out. So when you only run once a week, it's hard to get yourself back out there!

I think it's the same way with my Bible study. The more often I read the passages for my Bible study, the more often I think about it and want to read more. But if I only get my Bible out once a week, it's harder to get it out and be accountable to a daily devotion. I guess that is why our Bible Study leader told us that we should get accountability partners so that we can make sure we are keeping each other on track.

Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the pants, right?

BTW, I'm totally pumped that my girls Billie, Lindsy, Tasha, Chelsea, and I are going to do a 3K for Habitat for Humanity in 3 weeks! It's a small race, but it should be fun in downtown! This should definitely get me to train more often! I love training for races. I haven't run a race since Thanksgiving day, so I'm ready for the running "season" to start back up! I need to have a reason to run!

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Michelle Plymire said...

So jealous! I can't wait till I can run again! Have fun training for your race! :)