Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Cute~!

I just have to post this pic of the purse that Billie and I just finished. It just think its so cute!

We even made a cute key chain to match!!!

It's so nice to have a fun outlet! It gives me girl time with Billie and it allows us to dream that one day we can quit our jobs and work for our own business! We are going to get more girl time in the weeks to come in order to make a bunch of purses for the Toledo Christian School Auction! We don't know how we'll get everything done in time. We can't take away from our workout time, so I guess we'll have to work more evenings! Hobby's stop being fun when they turn into jobs, so hopefully we won't feel like its a job any time soon because so far I love making fun bags!


Sandy Morgan said...

LOVE the purse and Keychain, they are soooo cute! Are you going to be selling them? You should!

abby said...

Thanks! We do sell them! You can view our website at Let me know if you'd like one!