Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to Points

One of my close friends from college is getting married in Orlando in 4 short weeks. I'm really excited A) for my friend who is getting married, B) to see all of my old college friends, and C) to go to Orlando even if it is for only 3 days!!! This past weekend Jonathan and I went shopping for a dress for the wedding. Yes, J was thrilled! Do you hear the sarcasm? Anyway, I never wear dresses because I can never find any that fit and are flattering. But yes, we went to Macy's and I found a dress on the sale rack that was really cute...actually j picked it out. He has excellent taste! I should bring him with me more often! :)

Anyway, I talked to my friend today about the wedding weekend events and now I'm super excited to go! My issue is that we will be at a pool in bathing suits with people I know!! Now it's one thing to go on vacation and wear a bikini around people you'll never see again, but wearing a bikini around old friends? Seriously an issue.

So, after I swapped out my summer and winter clothes yesterday and saw that all of my bathing suits from last summer are bikinis, I decided that I needed to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon. I don't go to the meetings or anything like that, but I do keep track of how many points I eat. I've found that this is the best "diet" out there that works for me because I can still splurge every now and then...I just need portion control.

After work today I decided to go for a run. It was at least 85 degrees out and the sun was blazing! Part way through my run I had already gone through my water bottle and was feeling a little dehydrated so I stopped at the house where Jonathan was in the front yard watering our plants. He sprayed me with the garden hose and filled up my water bottle, then I finished my run! We grilled out fat free hot dogs and ate a low point dinner. Or should I say, I had a low point dinner. Jonathan had some brats and asked me if I wanted one. We looked at the nutrition facts and one brat was 7 points!!! That's huge when I only get 18 per day!!! So I had a low point dinner tonight and I still have some extra points to eat!

Four weeks to get fit... I can do it!!! Positive thinking!

By the way, Billie and I have been busy sewing...Here are a couple of the new Sassy (mini) Bags we made this weekend:


Sue said...

Good for you with the 'diet' ;-) I wish I had more self-control. I should try as I think about summer and my pasty white cottage cheese thighs ;-)

I know what you mean about dresses. I have wide hips and a small-ish waist so skirts/dresses are hard to find - especially with my little over 40 pot-belly I've grown out of laziness! Glad you found something good at Macy's. They really do have some nice stuff there. We don't have Macy's up here but I got a bunch of stuff from there last month in NC.

Have a great day! ~Hugs~

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that you get an extra 2 pts. for working out?? Also, why do yu only get 18 when I get 19? I thought 19 was the limit:)!

Kacy said...

Hi Abby! Sue's Friend here! How funny, I just started back on WW yesterday. I have much more to lose, but you look great. I think I over did it on my points with 1/2 of a Mexican Shop burrito. 12-19 POINTS?????????? GOOD LORDY! Anyway, keep it up and you'll be down in no time!