Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toledo Weekend

On Friday I took the day off of work and Billie took half of a day off to drive up to Toledo for the Toledo Christian School Auction! We had four bags in the auction and they gave us permission to sell and take orders there as well. So we packed up as many purses as we have made and headed on the 4.5 hr trip to Toledo. The silent auction started at 5 and we pulled in town around 5:15, so needless to say we were a bit frantic trying to get our table set up. I even had my camera with me to take a picture of the finished product, but by the time we were all set up there were so many people around, we just didn't have time for pictures! I guess that's a good problem!

It was a success even though the three bags in the silent auction didn't bring in much money! When people got to our table, I think they got too excited about creating their own bags and placing orders, so they didn't bid on the auction bags. Our giant tote that was in the live auction made $175 for the school. So that's pretty cool! I think it could have gone for more, but they had it at the end of the night when a lot of people were already leaving. They were still auctioning items at 9:15!! You do the math! That's a long auction! But they raised a ton of money for the school. And that was the point of the weekend.

We sold and took orders for a total of 10 bags at the auction, which means that we will be donating $50 to TCS. ($5 from each bag sold at the auction.) And we took another order on Saturday! So we've got a bit of work ahead of us!

Billie and I spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, running, shopping, and eating! What could be better? I introduced Billie to Lily's on the Lake and Tony Packo's...two Toledo favorites! We missed our hubbies but they stayed busy! Jonathan, Derek, and Lindsy's hubby Tim had some guy time at White Castle and The Fast and the Furious:). Typical guys:) hehe. When I got home tonight, I found that after church this morning Jonathan spent the day working in the yard!! He re-soiled the flower gardens, planted some bushes, mulched, and fertilized! It was so good to come home to a beautiful yard!

Also, please keep Jonathan in your prayers tomorrow! His big interview is tomorrow at 10AM. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a positive update on that...and also an update on some new spring decorations I got this weekend at Lily's! :)

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Sue said...

Welcome Home Abby!

I'm so glad your auction went well. You do have a lot of work ahead of you ;-) Very exciting though!

I'll look forward to seeing your garden and decorations when you get them all up!

I'll be thinking/praying for Jonathan tomorrow. I pray all goes well for him on the job front! :-D

Hugs xo