Thursday, April 2, 2009


I decided to try an optimistic approach today! Maybe I should start with yesterday... I had a horrible day. I work in a bank with the public (can you see where I'm going?) everyone is broke and it's the bank's fault. Anyway, since I'm the office manager I get all the complaints plus I have to manage employee relations. Well, yesterday just sucked. I don't understand how people can't do simple subtraction (especially when someone shows it to them in black and white), but somehow that debit card got used...but they don't know it's not their they shouldn't have to pay a fee. First of the month always brings out the doozies. So last night I came home physically and emotionally drained. I put my pj's on, sat down, read some blogs and sewed with Billie. While I was reading blogs, I came across my blog friend Kristin's post on one of her blogs about optimism and it really got me thinking that I need to have optimism. It could always be worse right? At least I have a job, etc.

So this morning I decided to be optimistic! I got in the shower and broke out my new Bath and Body Aromatherapy body wash called "Optimism" and breathed deeply in the aromas. I even commented on Kristin's blog that I was going to be optimistic today! I put on a new shirt that I got on sale for $15 with my mom last weekend (love it) and I told myself that today was going to be good. Today is my Friday since I am taking tomorrow as a vacation day! So, yay, it's Friday!

Then the day started...

So I'm pulling out of my driveway and I look and see no one. I creep out and this truck just lays on his horn. Seriously?? We live in a fairly quiet could have just slowed down. So I pull back in my driveway but he's motioning me to go ahead since he's stopped anyway. So I start out of the subdivision and now I can't remember if the garage door shut all the way since I was so frazzled (I always check so a leaf or something doesn't fly by the motion thing and reopen it and leave my house unlocked all day). So I turn to go down another street to circle back past the house. Yes, it's garbage day and yes, I get stuck behind a garbage truck. Then I turn onto my street and yes another garbage truck! How many trucks does one little neighborhood need?? But through it all I'm making myself remain calm and optimistic!

Well, the crazy customers didn't stop yesterday! I got this lady on the phone who was sooo rude. She gave me this sob story about how her husband is without a job, etc and wants me to refund fees on her account. Well I look and my manager already refunded fees!! And she was ungrateful!!! I explained why she got the fees and why I couldn't do anything to help her. I was extremely polite! I even tried the empathy route since she told me that I wouldn't understand about her husband losing a job and tried to tell her that I fully understand how that is. You know, since I do! But I also have to follow banking rules! Anyway, she finally got nasty and said "well aren't you a lovely person" to which I replied "thank you". Why do people say things like that? How do you respond when someone rudely calls you a lovely person?? Well that just pissed her off so she wanted my manager. Well my manager was the one that would only refund part of the fees in the first place but he's gone for the day, so she wanted me to conference her to the main branch. Why do people not understand that the main branch is just that...a BRANCH!! There is no one there who has any more authority than me. Grrr. So she finally hung up on me.

So that's my day. Optimism? I think I lost it along the way... Billie told me that I should probably go back and get the Optimism body lotion, body spray and scented candle for my desk. HAHA! I needed some comic relief!

I'm now home and getting ready to pack for our trip tomorrow. I'm going to relax, paint my nails, watch some DVRs and be extra thankful that I don't have to go to work tomorrow...I really don't want to go back on blood pressure medication! :)


Sue said...

Oh my Abby! My niece works for a bank too and has horror stories like yours. I don't envy you having to deal with stressed out people all day long! I'm sorry you have to take the abuse of ignorant people ((Hugs))

But what really gets me is that your B&BW "Optimism" didn't work! What's with that? ;-)

Seriously though, I'm glad you are off on a fun getaway with Billie and I truly hope you two have a SAFE and fun time (and sell lots of your purses!!)

Hugs xo

Bunny said...

Hi, I'm really sorry to post a comment here about another blog, but I am trying to get a hold of Marlene to let her know that she won the FREE shopping cart cover contest over at Could you please let her know that she won and have her email me with the cover design of her choice? Thank you so much, Bunny.

Marlene said...

I'm responding to Bunny. Thanks. When will you be posting your fabrics for spring? I am interested in a spring/summer bag. I love the one Tim and Lindsy got me. I wish you success this weekend at your event. Sounds like fun.

Kacy said...

Hi there!

I'm a friend of Sue's and thought I'd stop by. What a cute picture for your profile, so here I am. I'm sorry you had a rough day. I use to work at a bank for quite some time and it never was THEIR fault! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for sharing a little bit of you with me! :D