Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs!

Last night Billie and I planned to work on purses, so our husbands hung out watching Cops. Yes, Cops. What else can I say. It was nice to have Billie and Derek over to take our minds off of the whole job thing! Billie and I got some non-sewing work done on the business! We updated the website with fabric swatches, although we still have some work to do on the fabric page. We had so many people take business cards at the auction last weekend and tell us that they would order on our website that we felt like we really needed to make the website more of a priority.

After the guys pulled us away from the computer, we decided to color Easter eggs! We had so much fun. OK, so the guys weren't quite as excited about coloring eggs as carving pumpkins, but what can you really expect? Our coloring kits didn't include a crayon and of course I don't have crayons, so the guys were bummed. (For anyone that knows me...the fact that I wouldn't have crayons in the house should not be a surprise...when would I ever use such a thing?) :) So, Derek asked if I had any candles for the wax. So I broke out a tea light and it actually worked...well...all except for the fact that it was a white candle so it was white on white which made it a surprise as to what the design would actually look like!
Here is Billie, Derek, and Jonathan hard at work trying to make the perfect egg!
Here are all of the eggs...we used two different coloring kits so we came up with a LOT of different colors! You can see the very professional wax designs:)
Billie and I with our favorite eggs:) We were laughing so hard that it took 3 tries to take a picture!Jonathan and Derek striking some poses with their eggs. Good thing that they are good sports and play along with our fun activities! :)

I'm excited for Easter tomorrow! It's supposed to be a beautiful sunny day. After church we're going to Olive Garden for soup, salad, and bread sticks! Not really a traditional Easter dinner, but yummy all the same! Then our church is having a baptism service at a pond in the afternoon, so that will be exciting to attend. It will be cold for whoever goes in the water!! But it should be a wonderful day! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter too!

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Sue said...

Great looking eggs there Abby! Ya know, I've never colored "real" eggs. I guess with 6 kids at home my Mom chose not to do so in order to stay sane ;-)

Now I more than a little envious at your Easter dinner! I love me some Olive Garden!! Enjoy a plate of salad and a breadstick for me please :-)

Happy Easter Sweetie xo