Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HE GOT IT!!!!!!

Jonathan got the job at University of Kentucky! He is an accounting supervisor senior! Sounds important doesn't it? I'm home on my half day since I work next Saturday and I was sitting here writing a post about how hard it is to wait and my impatience when he called with the good news!!! Oh my goodness! I don't even know what to say other than God is good! He had more than we could hope or dream in His plan and He still has more than we can hope or dream in our future. When Jonathan lost his job we tried to just focus on the fact that God had something bigger and better out there for him that was beyond our expectations and here it is! This job sounds absolutely perfect for him. No more sales quotas, angry customers, counting dirty money, or working Saturdays! I'm so happy he is out of the banking industry!

We don't know too many details yet about vacation time and benefits, but we do know that he will start this new position in 2 weeks! How exciting! Can you tell that I'm thrilled? I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream! I kinda did a mixture of all of the above:)

Thank you for all of your prayers! It really has been a long 5 months of ups and downs and we really appreciated the prayers through it all. We are so blessed to have so many people praying for us and cheering us on! In this economy with so many people loosing their jobs, we do not take this job opportunity for granted. Thanks also for all of your kind and encouraging words. It's hard to explain the deep emotional feelings that come from losing a job and it really helped to read encouraging notes and comments!

I'll leave my rant about Amazing Race for another day! Today is about celebrating and rejoicing and thanksgiving!


Justin and Jessica said...

Yay! So excited for you and Jonathan! :)
God is good!

Sue said...

YAY!!! I'm celebrating with you Abby! God is so good :-) I'm sure you both feel like a huge weight has lifted off your shoulders, even though I know you were both doing such a great job of trusting God. He will definitely honor your faithfulness during this time of trial!

Now... you two go out & celebrate!!!

Hugs xo

Jess :) said...

This is soooooooo awesome!! Praise God, for He is so GOOD!! :)

Tell J Congratualtions for me! What an amazing call to have received. :) Time to celebrate.

Blessings and Hugs!

Janine said...

We are both so excited for you!! Congrats, guys! :)