Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now we're ready for the trip!

Billie and I finished up the last two bags that we were working on for the auction this weekend in Ohio! We have 4 bags that will be auctioned both in the silent and live auction and then we will have a bunch of other bags on display to sell and take orders for! Hopefully this will be a profitable weekend for our business!

Here is Billie modeling our two newest additions! Our smallest and largest bags in our line!
This one is a Madilyn Tote and it has Amy Butler fabric that is a really pretty green color. Too bad it doesn't photograph the correct color! It's huge!!! You could fit a small family inside it! The bigger, the better right?

This one is so cute!!! I love it although it's the one bag we make without interior pockets (which are my favorite part of our bags) but really, where would we put pockets? :) Billie actually just cut out zebra print for the next Hailey Bag! Won't that be freekin cute?? Love it!

In other news...AI...Yay!!!! Tattoo Girl is gone. I still don't even know her name. She had an interesting voice, but I just couldn't handle her dancing and mannerisms. Did anyone else think that she was acting really weird throughout the entire show tonight? Like she was either on something or she already knew that she was going home. How crazy that there are only 2 girls left! Chris and Danny are still my picks!

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Sue said...

Sounds like a fun & hopefully very profitable weekend for you and Billie, Abby ;-) Have fun too :-)

I am sad to see Meghan go on AI cuz I really liked her voice although she deserved to go. Her last couple weeks' song collections weren't good for her voice and I totally agree... what was with her tonight? Nervous energy?? I think she maybe knew it was her going. At least she can go back to being a Mommy for awhile until the concert tour.

Can't wait to hear how your weekend goes ;-)

Oooh and to answer your question from my blog... I don't think we have the same brands of towels up here. The ones I got were the micro-cotton ones which are SOOOO soft! I've never seen those up here in Ontario ;-) And... each of the squares on the blanket I'm doing, uses part of one ball of yarn but I doubt I'll be using all those balls up completely ;-)