Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reality TV and life...

Did anyone watch American Idol? Lets talk about that disco medley last night! What in the world?? Where do they dig up these people? I mean, I wasn't sure if it was a joke or for real. That first lady needed a good supportive bra and some singing lessons. The second lady singing was busting out of that horrible yellow dress. I wasn't sure what to think. It's so frustrating that the reason we are watching the results show is to see who gets voted off...not to hear people sing from the disco era. It makes me mad that the show either leaves 30 seconds to show who got voted off or it runs over and the DVR stops recording!!! Lets leave the show for what the purpose tell us who gets voted off!

America's Next Top Model - I was glad that the snobby girl got sent home! Woohoo!

Biggest Loser was pretty sad. I felt bad for Kristen. She really still needed to be on the ranch. But she did look really good at the end compared to her original picture. I really think they should have sent Ron home weeks ago when they had the chance. I like Mike but he was acting pretty cocky on the show this week! And I think it's dangerous that there is still a team in tact because it gives them extra voting power. I still love Tara! I was worried when she took the money and not the pound advantage but it worked out for her. I know others don't like her but seriously she is such a hard worker and I love that she has such a competitive determination to win! She wins almost every competition!!

On to Amazing Race. Did you watch this Sunday? OK, so this whole season my favorites have been the brother/sister team of Tammy and Victor and the mother/son team of Margie and Luke. Luke is deaf and he and his mom have turned out to be a tough team coming in first many times. Can I just say that this past episode this week made me really not like Luke and Margie? Oh my goodness. Luke elbow-checked Lakisha in the face at a clue box and then ran into her at another clue box. And his mom, like many moms seem to be these days, just KNEW that her son wouldn't push Lakisha and it was Lakisha that was rude. Well, the show played the clips over and over enough times that showed it was evident that Luke was being the physical one. Then at the end they complained to Phil about Lakisha. They brought up that Lakisha and her sister Jennifer were being mean to Luke because of his disability. I mean seriously, how can you just disregard his actions and blame everything bad that happens to him on his disability and not his wrongful actions? I hope they redeem themselves next week. I still like Victor and Tammy. It reminds me of the age difference between my brothers and me and if we went on the race together what our struggles would be.

My real life seams unreal still. It's still hard to believe that Jonathan got that job! Every time I think about it I'm amazed at God's power. Wow He really had a plan for us. And we are thankful! We still don't have many details about the job at this point. It's just strange to have such a weight lifted off of my shoulders...our shoulders. This might sound weird but I wasn't into doing anything with the house. Probably partly because I knew I couldn't spend money and partly because I was depressed after such a long time without answers. Now I look at the house and I've mentally put up a privacy fence at the back of our yard, reorganized our closets and put up extra shelving, repainted the living room, and finished flooring the attic (which was the project we were working on when J lost his job in November.) I love having a project to work on and I feel like I'm back to life! And back to projects...Jonathan better watch out (since he's the one who has to do do the work of my projects) hehe! Love you, honey! :)

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Sue said...

I'm excited for you Abby to get back to your "honey do" list ;-) I'm sure it was very difficult to know that there were things to be done but no money and energy to get to them.

As for AI & Amazing Race... I concur! AI was painful to watch & I grew up in the disco era! ;-) At least they made it on time for once!

I was like you with Margie and Luke. I had liked them up until last week. I felt many of the same feelings as you & I was glad that Phil stepped in and told Margie that the girls were not mocking him because of his disability. Now I'm hoping they don't win! I was glad to see the brothers go though - they made way too many mistakes over the weeks to deem a win in my eyes ;-)

Have a great weekend! Hugs xo