Saturday, April 18, 2009


This morning Billie, Lindsy, Nevada, Chelsea, Courtney and I ran in the Bryan Station High School 5K. Billie and I ran it last year and it was a pretty run, so we decided to come back again this year. We were lucky enough for our hubbies to come to cheer us on this year. I'm sure the pancake breakfast afterwards didn't help:) It was a beautiful, perfect day for a run! Sunshine and 70's! After running earlier this week in my winter gear, I didn't know how to dress today! I was actually hot and wished I had worn a tank top. But I can't complain because it was beautiful!

Lindsy and Chelsea are in a training regimen for their 1/2 marathon, so today was a 12 mile day for them. They were hardcore enough to run 9 miles before the 3.2 race! Wow! They're my heroes, because by the end of this race, I thought I was going to pass out and I had only gone 3.2 miles! I kept telling myself that is why people train more than just two times on the week of the race...oops. It's just been so yucky out lately that I can't keep myself on a normal running schedule!

Here are some pictures that Jonathan took as we all came across the finish line! (Not in the order that we finished the race) :) We all know I didn't come in first:)

Here is Billie and Courtney coming across the finish line! Billie was able to protect her title from last year and came in 3rd in our age range! Good job Billie! Too bad that made Courtney in 4th. No winner's glass for her:(

Here's Nevada coming across the finish line!

Here is Lindsy and Chelsea coming across the finish line...that makes 12 miles!!! Wow girls!! I don't think I'd still be on my feet...take that back...I know I wouldn't still be on my feet!

Tim and Kennedy cheering for Lindsy!!

Brian and Taylor cheering for Nevada!!

Here are 5 out of 6 of us. Where's Nevada? It's so much fun to run with friends!

This race we remembered to take a picture of all of the hubbies! Here are the loyal guys! (The race started at 8:30 so they were really sweet to wake up early!)
Can't wait for our next race...maybe I'll stay on a training regimen so that I can finish with a better time! It's all good fun even if I was slower than last year! :)

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Sue said...

Good job Abby! You are my hero! I can't even run down the stairs -lol (just kidding... sort of... most of the time) ;-)

Glad you girls had a great day and the weather was perfect for your race! Soon you'll be joining your pals on that 1/2 marathon!

Now relax the rest of the weekend!

Hugs :-)