Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Steps to Homemade Applesauce

How to spend a wonderful afternoon with your good friend making healthy home made applesauce:

1. Make your husband go apple picking and pick 3 pecks of apples.
2. Rinse said apples in a sink
3. Chop apples into quarters
4. Boil apples until they are soft and mushy
5. Borrow your mom's Victorio machine and find a pregnant girl to work it. (Don't worry she had her shoes on...not barefoot and pregnant in a kitchen in KY. LOL! That's a little too granola-y)
6. Buy some Brach's Cinnamon candies to melt in the hot applesauce to change the color from blah to yummy looking (see above picture)!
7. Mix the applesauce in a HUGE mixing bowl that you went all over town trying to find (ok maybe just Bed, Bath and Beyond before finding it at Garden Ridge.) Add a cup and a half of sugar, cinnamon candies and stir.
8. Use a measuring cup to scoop applesauce into Ziploc freezer bags.
9. Stand back and look at your handy work...10 Quart size bags of delicious home made applesauce and a very dirty and sticky kitchen and many pots to wash.
10. Relax with your friend and watch the DVR of the Biggest Loser while shoving your face full of leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Is this picture not the cutest?? I don't know if Coda was trying to bond with Eli (maybe he could hear him in there:)) or if Billie was practicing holding a squirming baby. Hopefully Eli won't be so furry:) Only 7 more weeks till you can meet him, Cody! :)

**This batch of applesauce definitely will not be enough to get us through the winter, so we will be going back to the orchard next month and doing this all over again! :)**


Billie Motsch said...

I love it! But,seriously I look awful in a couple of those pics! After making all that applesauce I was so hot and sweaty:) Ha! But it was all worth it, so much fun, and so yummy. And to top it all off we got to watch BL and eat yummy but bad for you food while Cody and I cuddled!

badesjarlais said...

Abby, you definitely have a way with words. You crack me up! I love it! And now I must find an orchard.