Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The surgery was a success! :) My Doctor did the laparoscopy surgery with a cystectomy to remove my cyst and she was also able to laser out my endometriosis. Hopefully this will cure my pain issues! I have high hopes!

Jonathan brought me flowers, jello and pudding home from the grocery store when he went yesterday to pick up my pain meds. How sweet is he?? I love him so much! Dakota's been a very good boy. I think he knows that I don't feel well and he hasn't jumped on me at all:)

My throat is dry and scratchy from being intubated and my incisions are quite tender, but at least its all over and I'm healing! yay! AND My mom is here through tomorrow to take care of me. It's always nice to have mommy here when you don't feel well...even if you are 28! :)


Lindsy said...

So glad that everything went okay and that you have two wonderful people there taking care of you.Rest up! We are thinking of you!

The Swann's said...

Here from kelly's Korner... :-) I'm glad that the surgery was a success! I'll certainly say a l ittle prayer for you that that is the last "bump" prior to holding your baby in your arms!