Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Billie's Baby Shower!

Sunday was Billie's Baby shower! Yay! Lindsy and I were the hostesses and we had the shower at my house. We had a great time! I was really looking forward to this shower 1) because it would mean that I would feel a whole lot better since it was a full week after my surgery and 2) because I love Billie and I wanted to do something so special for her because she's such a wonderful friend!

Billie is having a baby boy in about 2 months and his room is all green and brown and will be so cute! So we went with the green and brown theme for the shower! Can I tell you how hard it is to find *cute* green baby shower stuff? Everything is pink and blue! bleh! Blue is so yesterday! :) LOL. Billie and I always laugh because when we shop for fabrics for our purse business we always gravitate towards the same fabrics and they are ALWAYS green! So I knew she would LOVE a green shower!

If you read some of my previous posts, Lindsy and I have been working on different decorations and things in the past couple weeks while Lindsy lived with me. Here's a pic of the diaper cake that we made! I just love how it turned out. Now, Billie is earth mother and will be cloth diapering but a) we weren't about to purchase that many cloth diapers (107) and b) we felt that she would be thankful for a few disposable diapers after a couple blow outs and runny diapers! :)

(Can I use any more lists with ))?) HA!

Did I leave you hanging wondering what Lindsy and I were doing that night that we tried to go make "something" but the place was closing so we had to get DQ instead? Well we eventually went back the next night and made this at The Mad Potter:
Don't you love it? We got this special pen and had everyone at the shower sign the back, then after he's born Billie can go back and write his birthday or whatever she'd like on the front and then throw it in the oven and the words get sealed on. How cool is that??

And here are pictures of the cake from Tinkers and the Petitfours from Gourmet Goodies. How cute are they??? Can I say yum...which reminds me...I still have a pice of that cake waiting for me in the kitchen...

Can you believe I didn't get a picture of the entire table??? I'm so bummed! It looked beautiful though. We had Oreo Truffles that Lindsy made (yumm...can you tell Lindsy and I like sweets?), veggies, fresh fruit, edamame hummus and pita chips, and a yummy green punch that I found online (with ginger-ale, lemonade, limeade, and lime sherbet) that looked pretty cute in the punch bowl.

Here's a pic of the entire group. Can I please direct your attention to the top of the picture and the picture frame that still does not have a picture in it after 3 years of living here? yes. lovely. But, back to the shower...

Here's a pic of my favorite girls! Lindsy and Billie!

Love you girls! Can't wait to meet baby Eli!


Lindsy said...

The pictures are cute...can't wait to see them all. Cheers to us for a baby shower success if I do say so myself - hee hee. Yay! I can't wait to meet Eli either...hopefully he doesn't turn out as Kristen anticipated. Ha!

Sue said...

Abby (& Lindsy)... you girls did a BEAUTIFUL job! I'm sure Billie was THRILLED by your gift of love. The little plate thing you guys made at the potter's was cool! I love the cake and other goodies on the table - YUM! I love that color green!

Now go put your feet up & enjoy your week!

Billie Motsch said...

The shower was absolutely perfect and beautiful!!! You and L did such a great job with everything from the invitations to the decor and the food! I love you girls!!!