Thursday, September 3, 2009


As i said in my last post, Jonathan surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers after my surgery. I'm sitting around the house bored today so I decided to take a pic so that you can all see my flowers!
My mother-in-law sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Tuesday.
My mom left yesterday so I'm by myself today. :( There are just so many things to do...take a nap, watch a movie, read my book, read blogs, shower... oh wait, I actually did that last one already! Yay me! Now onto my "list" of other items to get done today... :)


Sue said...

Hope you're starting to feel yourself again. Thanks for letting me know how Monday went. I was praying for you... and continue to ;-)

What movies did you watch? What are you reading lately? I am reading Julie Carboni's books - Chocolate Beach (read it at the beach!) and now reading Truffles by the Sea. Cute books!

Take care

Lindsy said...

Enjoy these days of doing what you want. They don't come around often, do they? Glad you are feeling back to normal. =)