Sunday, September 20, 2009

First UK party of 2009!

Yesterday the University of Kentucky Wildcats were playing our arch rival the Louisville Cardinals. It was here in Lexington and they were expecting 80,000 people for the game!!! CRAZY! So, we stayed in our house! HA! (Although we did talk about how fun it would have been to go tailgate for the game.) Thankfully the rain held off! And YES the Cats WON!!! YAY!! We are undefeated so far this season! And it just feels that much better to know we beat Louisville:)

In light of being real UK fans, we had a football party and invited Tim, Lindsy and Kennedy over to watch the game. (Billie and Derek were busy working on their deck...hopefully they'll be able to come to the next party!) I know you were all wondering, so I will tell you that yes, I was able to use my new UK chip/dip bowl set! And I made my delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip. (I'm not admitting that I ate it for dinner tonight since there were leftovers). Lindsy brought a yummy corn and cheese dip with Frito's (and now my mouth is watering again! Dang it!) We wanted Buffalo wings, so I bought those Tyson Anytizers at the grocery store and I have to say that I do not recommend them in place of buffalo wings:( bleh! We will have to order some from Buffalo Wild Wings next game! Then I made some of those Pillsbury "Simply Chocolate Chip" Cookies. (They are not supposed to have any additives...who knows if they do or not...but they are delicious!)

Here are some pics from the game day!

Jonathan and Tim camped out in front of the big screen watching in hi-def.

Coda didn't really care about watching the game...he just wanted to be rubbed on. :) (But look at that great UK tackle on the TV!

The girls in our UK gear...and Coda too. He just can't get enough of Kennedy. He missed her so much!

The guys teaching Kennedy how to cheer on UK!What a fun way to spend a Saturday with friends! Can't wait for all of the other games this since we are in Kentucky we get to get just this crazy again for basketball season! Whoohoo!

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Janine said...

Oh How I miss good ol' UK game parties! sniff sniff - a little tear. Glad you all had fun!