Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was blazing hot, so thankfully we didn't have any huge house projects to tackle.  We did hang a couple of items in the living room... it's a slow going process!  We stopped at Lowes to get a few items and found ourselves a new flag!  The previous owners left us lovely holes in the front where they had had a flag holder. (I'm so OCD that that kind of stuff drives me crazy!) So, Jonathan was so excited to hang the new flag and show our patriotism! (Did you know that you are supposed to put your flag at half mast until noon on Memorial Day?  The things you learn...)  And I picked up some hanging baskets for our front porch since we aren't planting anything in the front until next year since we need replant a bunch of stuff in the fall!  If you're in Lexington, I highly recommend Kings Garden!  They were awesome and even carried the baskets to my car and told me exactly how to care for them!

Anyway, I just had to share this picture because it just says "Memorial Day" to me! (Dakota is even welcoming you at the front door!)

Growing up (and even before my time) my entire extended family would always go to a local park and have a huge breakfast on Memorial Day morning.  The guys would always grill the breakfast while the women would decorate their picnic tables for the different individual families.  Anyway, it's been a few years since I've been to the actual picnic breakfast, but it's still tradition to make a big breakfast!  So we did!  I made eggs, bacon, sausage and wait for it.... I made The Pioneer Woman's pancakes from her cookbook (called Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes)!  After I made the batter, Jonathan cooked the pancakes and let me just say that they were soo easy and so very delicious that I will never make bisquick pancakes again!  Here's a picture of our breakfast table!

We had Tim, Lindsy and Kennedy and Derek, Billie and Eli over for a late lunch/cookout and we had such a good time!  The humidity was a bit better so it was quite plesant eating outside on the deck!  We had some delicious food too!  Lindsy made The Pioneer Woman's salsa and it was A-mazing!  I think I could have eaten it with a spoon in order to shovel it in faster!  I also found a couple recipes on Tasty Kitchen that were pretty yummy!  I made "Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Bites" and they were delish and SOO easy to make!  I thought I was making way too many but I had the ingredants so I kept making them and after the 6 of us had at them, there were 2 pieces left!  We also had yummy shish kabobs, corn on the cob, pasta salad, fresh fruit and then for dessert... I made "My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler" from Tasty Kitchen.  Again, the cobbler was from scratch and was soo easy and made me want to lick my plate clean! Although I didn't think to get ice cream to go with it and I would highly recommend vanilla ice cream! (I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture of the yummy food!)

The previous owners left a kiddie pool under the deck so we got it out and the kids played in it and we just enjoyed relaxing and watching them!  Our yard is on a bit of a hill so it was a bit amusing to watch them play in a sloped pool! 

Sometimes you just need a laid back day with your friends.  We were having so much fun that I didn't get any pictures!  Oops!  But I did take a couple of red, white, and blue pictures.  I found some fun mini flags, and window clings in the dollar section at Target and couldn't resist being patriotic!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!!


Stevie said...

I love those bacon wrapped pineapple bites! A little tip, if you want it: My mom's been making them for years, with slices of water chestnut wrapped in, too. Then she sort of bastes them in a sauce of ketchup and brown sugar (equal parts). I was out of ketchup last time I made them so I used Heinz Chili sauce in place of it and it was DELISH. Very sweet & sour-ish.

Your house looks beautiful!

Murdock's mama said...

What a beautiful weekend! So glad you enjoyed it with friends! I love your new flag! [especially Dakota in the photo too!] :) Sorry for my lack of comments lately...I have been reading though...Promise!! :)

Too funny...my word confirmation was 'nesting' :)

Heather said...

I love the sight of the American flag flying anywhere!! So glad you had a great weekend, love your red, white, and blue decor!