Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9 Month Pictures

We got Adalyn's 9 month pictures back from Jes! I was so excited to see them. But I would be lying if I didn't say that I was nervous. We went to a historic site for pictures and Adalyn was a GRUMP.  I was so grateful to Jes for allowing us to take a break during the shoot for Adalyn to take a nap. It pays to be friends with your photographer! :) After nap, she was way more happy but still not completely herself. But Jes has a gift with babies and cameras and somehow we got some amazing pictures! I have to share a few (or lots). I could barely decide which to post so I decided to post quite a few for the grandparents.

I bought this shirt/bow for her 6 month pictures but couldn't use it because it was too big. It still is too big but so cute so we used it for a couple pictures.
 This bow is as big as her head! Love it!

I know I'm biased but I'm positive that she is the cutest baby ever! I want to go wake her up just so I can cuddle her now! :)


Our Family of Four said...

These are so cute!

Crystal said...

Love the pictures! Macey has that last skirt!