Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Stuff

Adalyn keeps trying new things.  This past weekend we got her push/ride toy out of the basement to see if she would start taking some steps.  She would rather push her table toy (without wheels since the wheels push a little too easily right now.) But she did enjoy riding it. She kept rolling herself backwards. It was pretty cute. She rolled all across the living room until she was stopped in the corner.

I gave her a sippy cup since we're still working on her figuring out how to hold the sippie herself.  Sometimes she gets it but sometimes she gets so frustrated because she doesn't hold it high enough.  She was holding it down and sucking it like it was a straw so I decided to grab one of her straw cups to see if she could figure it out. Sure enough. She got it right away and was pretty proud of herself!

Pretty serious...
 So proud!

 Uh oh! Where'd the straw go?

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