Monday, September 19, 2011

The End of One Era. The Beginning of Another.

I bought Adalyn's exersaucer in March at a consignment sale for $40. I wanted one that wasn't gender specific but I had been hunting the sales and this was the only one that passed my "like new" and "good priced" standards. So, I got it and I'm glad because Adalyn has gotten her money's worth.  She loved that thing and would play forever in it.  This is what she looked like the first couple times she tried it out:

It takes up a ton of space in the living room and lately Adalyn is on the go, so while she would still play with the items on the exersaucer - from standing next to it, she didn't like being confined to the seat. So, we decided to take it to storage. Can I tell you that I about teared up watching Jonathan carry it to the basement? Yep. It's true.

How cool is this? Jonathan figured out after I brought it home from the sale, that it turns into a walking toy. $40 for a 2-in-one toy? Double score!  So, today was the day to take it apart. I took a few last pictures of Adalyn playing in the exersaucer...

Jonathan turned it into a walker and Adalyn was all about it. She tries to push it and it rolls faster than what she can walk, so then she "walks" behind it on her knees. So funny.  If she runs it into anything, like when we were holding it for the picture, she tries to keep pushing it until it about flips over. So cute!
 It's really short and wide and we were laughing because it looks like she's pushing an old person walker.
I love watching Adalyn grow and discover new things. But seriously. I can't handle how fast time is going! On to bigger and better. This is going to be the story of our lives going forward... growing out of toys and into others. (Oh, and I'm really enjoying having that part of my living room back now that I'm over the emotional shock.)


Aishlea and Brandon said...

So precious to look back at how she has changed!! :) We just bought a walker toy because our jumperoo doesn't convert. It is sad to see the "babyish" things get put away but each stage is so much more fun! :)

Lindsy said...

Sniff, sniff....big girl. I know how you feel - I'll be packing up my play mat to take to my sister for her little baby in a few days. Crazy how quick it's all going.

Sue said...

I fell sad for you Abby at how quickly your baby girl is growing. I was just saying last week at a family wedding that I can't believe my youngest niece is 18... how did that happen? I feel like I missed her entire childhood.

Savor every minute and don't you worry about the tears! You're entitled!! xo