Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Pictures

I was uploading pictures from my camera and found some sweet pictures of Adalyn that I just had to post. So here are some random pictures of my baby girl who is now 10 months old today!! (10 month post and pictures coming next week) (Why does life move so fast??!!)

Adalyn loves crawling to this window next to the front door and watching daddy or Dakota when they are out in the yard. She doesn't need a flat surface or two hands to stand up anymore. She stands up anywhere! "Look ma! One hand!"
 I need to get it on video because she loves "talking" to them through the glass. Can you tell?
 Last Saturday Adalyn woke up with her hair sticking up. (I had to use water to make it go down...guess that  means that she's getting more hair!) She was eating her bananas for breakfast and was pretty serious about it. Between her hair and her sleepy face, I couldn't resist snapping a picture.
 I can't get enough of those chub rolls on her legs!
 Snuggling with Grandma the last time she was in town. So sweet.
 Before church with Papa and Grandma in her precious white dress. (It was before Labor day. Ha!)
 Our family. We don't have many pictures of the 3 of us.

I know these pictures were all over the place, but they were just so sweet that I had to post them! Have a great weekend!

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Lindsy said...

I love the chub rolls cute. So big..