Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Cousin!

Last week Jonathan's sister had a new baby boy, so over the weekend we traveled to Louisville to meet Adalyn's new cousin! I was preparing myself for a jolt of reality. I knew Adalyn was going to look like such a big girl next to that baby and boy was I right!  Of course we took a couple pictures. I'm sure Adalyn and Baby C will have many growth pictures together. At some point they will roll their eyes at us taking their picture together. (I know first hand since my mom used to make me take pictures next to a cousin growing up.) So we might as well take lots of pictures now since they can't protest:)

Jonathan with his nephews and Adalyn.
 Adalyn was so cute with the baby and more curious that I thought she'd be. She was very gentle.

 Trying to figure him out. :)  Sweet babies.

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