Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lima Bean Kids WINNER!

A couple weeks ago Jenna had a giveaway for a FREE Lima Bean Kids t-shirt. I was so excited to win!! I was able to choose any t-shirt from their website.  There were so many choices that I could barely decide, but I just kept coming back to this cute owl. You get to choose which color of shirt and what font you'd like so there were so many decisions to make!  I ended up using the font that they showed with the print on their site.  And if I remember correctly, I got it within the week that I sent my order in.  I was really impressed with the service and also the quality of the shirt and print.  I got a 12-18mo size shirt, so it's big on Adalyn right now but I'm hoping to get some quality wear out of it this winter.  Here are a few pictures:

Thanks Jenna and Lima Bean Kids! Adalyn loves her new shirt and so do I!

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