Sunday, September 11, 2011

My favorite CATS fans!

Saturday the UK Cats were playing and in this town you wear blue on game days. It's actually kind of crazy when you're out and about because there is a sea of blue wherever you are. Jonathan and I were wearing UK gear and we decided to try Adalyn's UK onesie from last winter's basketball season to see if it would fit. It's a 6 month and she's 10 months and yes it fit easily. Yay for a UK outfit for this season! So she wore that with her gymboree cropped pants and adorable Robeez tennis shoes (from a consignment sale). I thought she just looked adorable so I had to grab the camera!

I couldn't get one picture with both of them smiling so I had to post two...

 While Jonathan was running an errand Adalyn and I were playing and I decided it had been too long since I had just taken pictures of her playing. So here are a few.

 She gets really excited and makes this face as she's squealing and crawling just as fast as her little arms and legs can take her. (She was probably chasing Dakota.)
 I love this picture. Her chubby cheeks, her little belly hanging over her jeans and her little jeans falling down in the back. Always standing on her tip toes. I could just eat her up.
We had a great weekend and the CATS won! Yay!

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Crystal said...

I so wish we could get these two together for a playdate!!! They would be BFF's for sure. Macey's little belly hangs over her pants!!!