Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Love Deals!

So you all know how much I love sales and never paying full price for things, especially baby gear, clothes and toys. I know that I've mentioned before how much I love consignment sales. I'm not talking about consignment stores (which I have never shopped in). I'm talking about sales that different mops groups, preschools, neighborhoods and churches put on.  There are two times a year that sales happen: March for summer clothes and Aug/Sept for winter clothes. We have two huge sales and then a bunch of smaller sales over a few weekends.  The sales usually have quality/current stuff that are gently used. (Most sales have strict rules about wear - although a few items always slip through.) If you volunteer to work a 3 hour shift, you get access to shop before it's open to the public.  After one or two days of being open to the public, the Saturday shopping is always half off, so it pays to go back on Saturday to get some discounted items.

I know that many cities do not have sales like this, but if there are sales like this near you and you're not taking advantage, you are so losing out. Most of our baby gear and toys have all come from sales. And pretty much all of our clothes (except pjs because I like those new) are from sales. Why pay full price when babies barely use/wear items?

So, today I decided to document a typical trip to the sales. (Although usually Jonathan is with me and picks out a ton of toys and that didn't happen today.) I was offered an early shopping pass, so I snatched it up and ran to the sale as fast as I could get there so Jonathan couldn't get away from work.  I shopped in peace and quiet and only had 1 person in front of me in line to check out. (Once the sales open to the public it's usually a mad house and a mile long checkout line. But you just gotta hang in there, because the savings that you get are so worth it!)

Here's my loot:
Sorry the picture is hard to see. This is how I shop: I only look for full outfits and try to only look for Gymboree, Gap and boutique brands.  I'm also really picky about wear. I like things to look brand new. This is the breakdown of what I got:
14 full outfits (many of which have 3 pieces) both in current and winter sizes
1 tutu (couldn't pass it up)
2 tops (because they go with jeans)
2 jackets
7 pair of shoes in size 2 & 3 (including keds and robeez)
7 books
2 toys
This is what I spent: $130. That breaks down to $3.70 per item! Please remember that most items are FULL gymboree outfits!! Seriously. There are 3 outfits that are Carter's brand, 3 Gap items and every.single.other.outfit is Gymboree or boutique (that = 13). Consignment sales are the only way that I can dress my child in name brands. (Not that other brands are bad, but I love how name brands don't wear out easily and the knees don't get faded from crawling. I figure that I'll be able to pass them down to the next girl we have when that time comes.)

Please check out Dakota laying on this ($6) Christmas dress. He wouldn't get out of the middle of the clothes for me to take the picture so he finally moved but made sure that he was still touching the clothes. :)

And please look at this adorable Gap coat!

Now it's time to wash and sanitize everything!  I'm so excited that my child now has some clothes to wear in this fall weather that's coming!  We may go back Saturday to check out 1/2 priced toys and books to save for Christmas gifts. Jonathan enjoys trying and picking out her toys:)

Moral of the story... if you have consignment sales available to you in your city RUN to them and get your kids some deals!! Thanks for humoring me by checking out my loot:)


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WOW!! Good finds Lady ;-) I clicked on the pics and they enlarged so I could see detail and SWEET!! Miss Adalyn will look precious in her new clothes!