Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anniversary Date

So I just have to share this picture from our anniversary date. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you saw this picture, but I still have to post it. Jonathan and I don't go out to dinner without the kids near enough! We need to be more intentional about going on dates, but it's just hard to do. We got a friend of mine from work to watch the kids (the kids had an awesome time!) and we went to eat at a Hibachi Steak House. Our dinner was delicious and Jonathan even let me order a sushi roll and he ate 2 pieces!  After dinner we were full but we really wanted some chocolate-y dessert so we went to another restaurant to get desserts. And oh my. We each ordered our own HUGE dessert and we both finished them!  All in all it was a wonderful 2 hours spent with my hubs!


Murdock's mama said...

Happy Anniversary to you!
PS...you should get Instagram! It's wonderful! :)

Aishlea said...

Cute pic!! :) Glad you had a great night out!

Party of Five said...

So glad you guys squeezed in some alone time. I am just as guilty. It's so hard when you have little ones.

Sue said...

Yes you DO need to go out on date nights with your honey more!! Alone time is SO important ;-)

I just have to ask... is that one dessert got toasted marshmallow's in it?? If so... YUM!!

Happy Anniversary again!! xo