Sunday, July 14, 2013

Florida Vacation - Part 3

Towards the end of the week I just had to get some pictures in my brother's lovely backyard before we went to dinner. Here's a couple family pics that my niece took.

The next night I dressed the kids for dinner and realized that they were both wearing blue with sea animals on their outfits so I had to get some matchy sibling pictures. (I've always wanted to be that mom that coordinates my kids' outfits but somehow I can never do it!)
 Adalyn wanted two ponies and had chosen these corkers to go with her outfit (which actually matched) so I obliged and use them instead of the matching bow I had planned. I think it turned out cuter than the bow would have!

 Bailey had to get in on the picture action. She posed like such a good girl!

This was our final evening and my brother took us to a very interesting Fish Camp. This Fish Camp has a ton of stuffed animals **real** stuffed animals along with a live gator in a tank inside. We of course had to take the camera and get a few pictures.
Watching for gators outside.

 They are standing in front of the gator tank next to a giant stuffed giraffe. Pretty crazy to see so up close. Can you tell Adalyn was overwhelmed?
 There were seriously thousands of animals. Each room had different themes and scenes of animals.
 A nice lady offered to take a picture of us. It's too bad that this tree was in front and the camera focused on it instead of us. 
My brother felt that we needed to try some crazy type of food. As you can imagine, they had tons of weird foods to try. He ended up ordering barbecue gator toes. So yes, I tried one but I couldn't get past the toe thing and the meat wasn't as tender as normal chicken wings/legs which is what these were compared to.

That night before bed, I had to get pictures of Adalyn with her cousins one last time. (One of her cousins had left town with a friend so sadly we didn't get a picture with all of her cousins.)

We had such a wonderful time with our family on vacation! We are so blessed with the relationships we have with them! It's so hard that we live so far away and only get to see them twice a year. The kids have all grown so much each time we see them. I can't wait to see them again!

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